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IP audio solution to Indian Railways

Zenitel delivers a future ready IP audio solution that elevates passenger experience in Mumbai, Indian Railway.

Future ready IP audio solution to Indian Railways

The Requirement

The Indian railway’s aim was to cut out noise pollution and improve clarity of voice messages across the rail platforms. The audio solution needs to be future ready that embraces the use of IP audio solution.

Ambient noise levels in each station differ markedly during and outside rush hours. Indian Railways' aim was to cut out noise pollution and improve clarity. Indian Railways also wanted the ability of cascading announcements to zones within a platform (cater to different train lengths). In addition to audio quality, our customer’s focus was on improved reliability via POE and our IP speakers. Further, the customer wanted a future ready audio solution that reduces the installation time and is cost effective and therefore was clear on going away from conventional 100V PA solutions.

The solution

Zenitel delivered an end-to-end IP solution using IP speakers that eliminates complicated wiring as well as cut down the installation time significantly. Zenitel’s IP speakers with built-in microphone offered a unique hardware and software solution that dynamically adjusts the output volume levels of PA, even during an ongoing announcement. This Automatic Volume Control (AVC) feature lets the system work around the noise, to be heard and understood - all the time. With comprehensive configuration parameters in hand, end customers have the possibly to configure exactly as they need.

Built-in microphones in the IP speakers allows remote ambient listening from our Exigo PA microphone installed
in the control rooms. Thanks to full IP compatibility, our Exigo PA microphones allows monitoring of each zone and address each speaker individually.

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