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Gatwick Airport

Inovative multi-node distributed Public Address and Voice Alarm system to streamline operations for Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal.

The Requirement

Gatwick Airport required a multi-node distributed Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system at the South
Terminal, with a central management system to monitor and control other third-party safety subsystems

The Solution

ASL/Zenitel’s solution was to network multiple nodes together over a fibre IP secure loop network, providing synchronised, high-quality audio from a variety of inputs including background music (BGM),departure gate announcements and emergency microphones.

An iVENCS control system was used to manage the entire system, with workstations installed at the airport control centre, the baggage hall, information desks and at the fire team’s office. Text-to-speech announcements
can be made throughout the airport, whilst the system also providesthe facility for pre-recording and scheduling Digital Voice Announcement (DVA) messages.

A backup network provides the capability for hardware bypass broadcast; so in the event of an emergency, all-call broadcasts can be still be made from central emergency microphones, even if the entire IP network or PAVA
routers were disrupted.