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Communication solutions you can trust to deliver!  

Zenitel offers a wide range of communication solutions designed to meet the growing needs of your business or facility, enabling visitors and staff to hear, be heard, and be understood, every time and in any situation.

Our solutions are universally recognized and in use around the globe. Download our complete brochure of operational and emergency communication solutions and learn more.

Or, scroll down and find individual communications solutions that fit specific business and facility needs.

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We have the perfect communication solution for you!

Entry Point Solutions

Clear and robust communication at entry points

Today’s facility owners need to provide safe, secure, and inviting environments for their employees and visitors. Learn more about Zenitel communication solutions that allow interaction between visitors at entry points (doors, gates, and more)  and staff inside the same building or at a remote location.

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Perimeter Protection Solutions


Perimeter Protection and surveillance for all types of facilities and installations

A reliable security system is essential when it comes to securing sensitive facilities & infrastructure. Learn more about how Zenitel's Perimeter Solutions with audio can help you warn that there is an intruder or a trespasser and communicate in an emergency, all around the perimeter.

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Public Address & Voice Alarm Solutions

Announcements, alerts, and voice alarms in public places

Communication is essential for smooth running operations. A Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system provides teams with communication capabilities to manage both day-to-day processes and emergency situations.  Learn more about Zenitel Public Address & Voice Alarm Solutions.

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Elevator Communication Solutions

Elevator Solutions

Safer elevators with our two-way intelligent communication solutions

Elevators are essential modes of transport in many multi-level facilities. Learn more about how  Zenitel's Elevator Solutions provide a two-way interface between individuals inside the elevator and security staff, in normal operations and in emergency situations.
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Emergency Communication Solutions

Emergency communication

Reliable & intelligent communication in emergency situations

Facilities & communities are faced with the continual problem of vandalism, assault, and attacks. In addition to these security threats, businesses must be prepared to deal with a wide variety of other emergency situations. Zenitel has a perfect Emergency Communication solution for you!

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Solutions for day-to-day operations

Scalable communication solutions to run efficient day-to-day operations

Typical office communication solutions allow two-way interaction between employees within the company. In addition, with the integration to external systems such as iPBX, the same system can also be used for connecting staff to the outside, such as receiving customers or visitors. Learn more about Zenitel integrated communication solutions to streamline your day-to-day operations.

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Solutions for all industries

You can find Zenitel communication solutions across all industries that deliver the interoperability you need and the reliability you demand for the security of life, property, and assets.  

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Why Zenitel?

Zenitel is well positioned to drive the future of intelligent critical-communication solutions. Through our portfolio of IP products & solutions, with built-in intelligence and a focus on cybersecurity, we provide organisations with superior, scalable security and flexibility. Zenitel is the proven, preferred choice for environments requiring crystal-clear audio to ensure the protection of human life, property, assets and the management of critical activities. With interoperability at all levels, we seamlessly integrate with access control, video management and security platforms.