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Control Room Solution

Transportation Solutions

Modern transportation infrastructure play multiple roles and are of strategic importance. Rail Wayside, Rolling Stock, Airports, Seaports, Roads and Tunnels are all critical applications that pose considerable security, installation and operational challenges.

That is why Zenitel are committed to delivering secure and integrated communication solutions. They enable seamless information sharing and easy operation, supporting the operator to make better decisions quickly. Thousands of successful Public Address, Voice Alarm and Control System installations are evidence that Zenitel systems can be relied upon to keep passengers protected, informed and entertained: Even across the busiest of sites.

Zenitel’s systems are designed specifically for transportation applications

Zenitel’s keen sense of identification with end users, specifiers, acousticians, and audio engineers means that we are constantly adapting. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology, standards and continue to invest heavily in our research and development programs.

We aim to share the experience we acquire across the whole organisation, which now extends around the globe. Our experienced, international staff bring exceptional local knowledge of specific protocols, standards and regulations coupled with a deep understanding of cultural issues. But we know that things change, which is why we are constantly striving to learn, adapt and improve.

Zenitel Products

  • Ceiling_speaker-ELSIR-10CM

    Network Ceiling Speaker, 10W, Ethernet, Microphone

  • ELSIR-10C

    Network Ceiling Speaker, 10W, Ethernet

  • 1023302340

    Network Projector Speaker, 10W, Bi-Directional, Ethernet

  • 1008131020
    VoIP Intercom Module
  • ISC West 2017 TKIE-2 - picture

    Turbine Extended IP Kit

  • 1023302330

    Network On-Wall Cabinet Speaker, 10W, Ethernet, Mic

  • 1023301321

    Network Long Horn Speaker, 10W, Ethernet, Microphone

  • 1023301311

    Network Horn Speaker, 10W, Ethernet, Microphone

BU Transportations - equipment strip

The complete communication solutionsASL - BU Transportation equipment

Whether you are looking to outfit a new site or retrofit an existing system, our solutions give value for money, without sacrificing quality or performance.

The wealth of services and support we can provide

In addition to the quality and reliability of our products, what sets BU Transportation Solutions apart is the wealth of services and support we can provide.

We pride ourselves that we are not just a hardware manufacturer. Our expert teams of trained engineers based around the globe are on hand to assist you at every stage. From the initial specification right through to final field commissioning and ongoing maintenance, we offer a true turnkey solution.

Two Product Brands


To offer efficient, comfortable, safe, and secure passenger journeys is the goal of any Transportation provider. Zenitel’s native IP, intelligent, unified IP Speakers and Intercoms solutions enable you to enhance the safety of both passengers and staff. This is done by ensuring that they can hear, be heard, and be understood with every message or call.

Alongside the scalability and installation benefits of IP systems Intelligent features – such as voice activity detection – and easy integration with other security subsystems; like PAVA, CCTV, allow for a more holistic approach to safety and security.


Zenitel’s acquisition of UK-based ASL cements their position as leaders in transportation. With a 32-year history and a market leading legacy in the public address, voice alarm and system control industry. As such, ASL presents a fine addition to Zenitel’s cutting edge roster of technological services and products, with a complimentary product range that builds on the existing synergies between the two. The two key solutions offer are:

  • iVENCS - flexible and powerful Site and Line Management Systems. ASL’s iVENCS Control System is an open and intuitive integrated management platform. Read more...
  • VIPEDIA – Scalable, reliable and powerful Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems. The VIPEDIA range provides high quality and efficient amplification, digital signal processing and comprehensive control. Read more...

Zenitel is the company umbrella we all operate under. Our two main product brands are well known in the markets.




ASL Voice Alarm

Public spaces and businesses require a Voice Alarm system to keep people informed in all kinds of emergency, and to assist with evacuation. These systems need to work continuously, report any faults, and be easy to use. ASL Voice Alarm systems are scalable, reliable and use the minimum power, for maximum savings. Used in thousands of buildings and transport hubs worldwide, ASL systems ensure peace of mind.

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Compliance & Cyber Security

ASL solutions are certified to the most stringent of British, European and International standards, such as EN 54, BS5839-pt8, CSA and UL, to name a few.