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It's all about the people you protect

With 125 years of experience, we are experts in the Transportation industry and specialize in delivering solutions for Public Address, Voice Alarm, Perimeter Protection, and Intercom systems to meet the audio communication needs of different transportation sectors.

We have a proven track record with thousands of successful project implementations, consistently meeting and surpassing customer expectations. Through this, we have demonstrated our ability to contribute to the safety, security, and well-being of both staff and passengers, ensuring clear communication on every journey.

At Zenitel, we take pride in our unmatched product reliability, quality, and range, which makes us the go-to choice. But what sets us apart from our competitors is our exceptional services and support. We understand the unique needs of each customer and offer tailored packages and turnkey solutions to meet their specific requirements.

If you're looking to embark on a successful journey, start it with Zenitel today.

Zenitel Public Address and Voice Alarm, Perimeter Protection and Emergency communication solutions guide and protect millions of passengers on their journeys. From small installations to large multi-terminal facilities, our communication solutions save lives, ease operation, and provide an exceptional passenger experience, whilst reducing risk, as well as the total cost of ownership.

With over 125 years of experience and a track record of thousands of successful transportation product and system deliveries, Zenitel has established itself as a trusted provider that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations. Our extensive experience allows us to fully comprehend its unique challenges, enabling us to develop specialized products and services that cater to its specific needs.

When it comes to transportation solutions, Zenitel stands out with unparalleled product reliability and a wide range of offering. However, what truly distinguishes Zenitel from the competition is our comprehensive suite of services and support. We go above and beyond to safeguard and optimize our transportation solutions throughout the entire project life cycle. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of protection and performance, ensuring that our customers receive the utmost value from their investment.


Train stations protected

600 000+

IP intercoms sold


Major airports secured


Passengers informed annually

Discover our Transportations Solutions

Public Address and Voice Alarm installations at over 2500 stations address and alert passengers in real time, whenever and wherever.

Thousands of installations keep passengers protected, informed and entertained in the rail industry.

Zenitel communication solutions guide and
protect millions of passengers on their journey thought your airport.

Wide range of proven solutions deliver clear communication and peace of mind, for safety and security, even in the longest tunnels.

Guarantee peace of mind with proven and trusted communication solutions

Zenitel provides complete reassurance with stringently tested technology that performs reliably during everyday operations, and in challenging environments. 

Over 125 years of combined experience and thousands of successful audio and video transportation solutions implemented, position Zenitel among market leaders in the transportation services industry.

Elevate customer and staff experiences  

Zenitel solutions create direct communication channels for real-time service updates and other key passenger information, enabling the smooth running of operations with integrated audio.

These channels provide safety and security for your passengers and assets – ensuring that people can hear, be heard and be understood in any situation, at any time.

All this works to reinforce confidence in your brand, by building up trust with staff and customers alike.

Transportation solutions that cost less, last longer, and require minimal maintenance

Zenitel's forward thinking solutions help to reduce the whole life cost of your system, in turn lowering the total cost of your operations.  

Minimize your system’s lifetime energy usage with Zenitel's efficient power supplies and amplifiers, and by scaling down the room cooling requirements for equipment. Reduce the need for expensive night time service visits with hot swappable amplifier cards.

Modular design. Open Standard. Unlimited flexibility.

Zenitel’s flexible hardware and software architecture suits all requirements. It covers multiple redundancy options and system configurations: single workstation, centralized, remote or even distributed.

Zenitel solutions are built to be extremely scalable, allowing you to keep your design flexible. The modular nature of Zenitel’s software and hardware enables multiple server systems to be built with an almost unlimited number of monitoring and control points.

Zenitel technology integrates seamlessly with other ecosystems and partners, making their systems extremely flexible and unified solutions.

Certified communication systems containing the functionalities of today & tomorrow 

Zenitel solutions are built to give you peace of mind. We ensure that all our technology is certified to the current relevant European and International standards. Our solutions also support full encryption and authentication of all types of data to maintain clear audio channels and uninterrupted operations.

Our solutions deliver you the means to maintain smooth operations with announcements, passenger information, and pre-emptive protection for your facility, your assets and your staff against threats posed by trespassers.

Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions

Zenitel Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions helps you address and alert customers at public places in real time, whenever and wherever, for both day-to-day processes and emergency situations.

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Emergency communication

Transportation hubs are facing increasing security threats such as vandalism, assault, and attack incidents, both day and night. Giving a voice to your security solution can make all the difference!

In the event of an emergency, Zenitel solutions provide clear communication between passengers and staff with call points tailored to meet the specific requirements of each site.

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Integrated Control Solutions

Zenitel's integrated control room solutions provides comprehensive, unified interface for transportation organizations, to remotely monitor and control the line monitoring and public communication systems under one umbrella.

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Perimeter protection

With audio on your side, you can warn an intruder or a trespasser and communicate in emergency, all around the perimeter.

Zenitel‘s IP loudspeakers and Public Address & Voice Alarm solutions allow you to dispatch announcements, passenger Information and alerts with the possibility of two-way communication, thus helping security teams protect the facility, assets and staff against threats.

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Supporting you all the way

When it comes to transportation solutions, Zenitel’s reliability and quality are unparalleled. But what truly sets us apart from the competition is the comprehensive range of services and support that we offer.

Our specialists can join at any stage to help specify and design a solution.

Comprehensive design services, from requirements capture to technical

End-to-end delivery services, from system building and testing to international export.

Our engineers are experts in commissioning, testing and integrating systems.

Our training courses cover all our products and systems and cater for all skill levels.

We offer customizable annual 3rd line maintenance contracts for clients needing support.

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