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Zenitel’s multi-purpose PAVA solution streamline operations at Burjeel Medical City

Through the use of a single microphone, medical staff can effortlessly handle crucial life safety announcements and voice alarms during emergencies, resulting in a seamless experience that optimizes efficiency and streamlines operations.

Burjee Medical City

The Requirement

The client aimed to consolidate disparate audio as a PAVA system, integrating both operational and life
safety communication into a unified platform. The primary objective was to create an audio solution that is not only inline with UAE fire codes for emergency messaging but also seamlessly facilitated operational announcements, specifically Code Blue alerts.

The key goal was to achieve exceptional acoustics across the entire healthcare facility, enhancing both emergency response capabilities and day-to-day operational efficiency. The system shall be capable of functioning as a standalone system even in case of the failure of the site’s IP infrastructure.

The Solution

The intalled Zenitel PAVA system is a centralized ASL PAVA rack. ASL PAVA products adhere to EN 54-16, UL, and CSA safety requirements. They provide crisp, high-intelligibility messages using a full frequency response, 16bit/48kHz sampling, and high-quality audio processing.

The system has seven distributed rack systems connected via the Building LAN. Each rack has a DSP-based audio controller with network card and modular Class-D amplifiers.

Emergency message storage is built into each VIPEDIA-12 DSP audio controller. This dedicated DSP architecture meets EN54 and UAE fire code requirements and provides a robust system that works even after a catastrophic IP-network loss.

The project's Zenitel system has 100 zones with high-performance ceiling and surface-mounted loudspeakers for PAVA/background music.

Each nurse station and reception has an IP-based paging microphone for local paging to department zones, volume control, and BGM channel selection.

The Central Rack media player delivers audio channel inputs to the Local Audio DSP Controller (VIPEDIA-12) for streaming via the Building LAN to the Remote racks.

The Result

Zenitel has successfully provided an EN54-compliant PAVA system in accordance with local civil defense regulations. Using a single microphone, medical personnel may now manage both life-saving announcements such as fire evacuation warnings and voice alarms during medical emergencies such as CODE blue alerts. This ensures a consistent experience for medical personnel and aids in the efficiency of hospital operations.

Zenitel’s PAVA solutions are designed for high availability with features such as self-diagnostic monitoring inbuilt into the VIPEDIA, giving customer peace of mind of a fully functional system at all times.

Zenitel Solutions
Public Address and Voice Alarm System/ BGM

Key Products
VIPEDIA-12 NET, V400, MPS01s, WMC-01

Key Technology
EN54-16 PAVA in line with UAE fire code and Code Blue alerts

Market segment

End customer
Burjeel Medical City

System Integrator
SIBCA Electronics