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Zenitel’s PAVA solution saves costs at Dubai Healthcare City

Zenitel has successfully delivered an EN54 compliant PAVA system in line with local civil defense requirements.

barraquer hospital dubai

The Requirement

The customer wanted to reduce the number of audio systems by merging operational and life safety communication systems under one platform, while ensuring that the final audio system would deliver exceptional acoustics throughout the healthcare facility.

This single audio platform needed to deliver life safety emergency messages that is in line with UAE fire codes while delivering Code Blue operational announcements to streamline hospital emergency operations. In addition, the audio solution needed to integrate with the facility’s Queue Management System (QMS).

The Solution

The Barraquer Eye hospital implemented Zenitel's centralized PAVA system to optimize its communication needs. This solution, equipped with high-quality audio processing and EN 54-16 certified products, delivers clear and intelligible message reproduction.

The system includes a dedicated DSP-based Vipedia Audio controller, Modular Class-D Amplifiers, and integration with third-party systems such as queue management.

With 28 audio zones, high-performance loudspeakers, and IP-based paging microphones in nurse stations and reception areas, the hospital achieves efficient operational and safety-critical communication, while offering a seamless experience for patients and staff.

In summary, Zenitel’s PAVA system caters to the client’s versatile requirements with a single solution that includes:

  1. UAE fire code compliant PAVA system
  2. QMS announcement
  3. Code Blue broadcast via IP microphones at nurse stations

The Result

Zenitel has successfully delivered an EN54 compliant PAVA system in line with local civil defense requirements. Using a single microphone, the medical staff can now manage both life safety announcements such as fire evacuation messages, as well as voice alarm during medical emergencies such as Code Blue announcements. This provides a seamless experience for the medical staff and helps them to streamline hospital operations.

With the integration with a third-party QMS system, the customer can route operational announcements from QMS through the PAVA system. The result is a cost-effective, multi-purpose PAVA solution. Zenitel’s PAVA solutions are designed for high availability with features such as self-diagnostic monitoring, which gives the customer peace of mind of a fully functional system at all times.

Zenitel Solutions
Public Address, Voice Alarm (PAVA)

Key Products
VIPEDIA-12 NET, V2000, MPS01s, WMC-01

Key Technology
EN54-16 PAVA with integration to Queue management system

Market segment

End customer
Barraquer UAE eye hospital

System Integrator
Bahri & Mazroei technical
Systems (BMTS)