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Transportation Solutions

Control Systems

Flexible and Powerful Long Line PA and Customer Information systems, and advanced Facility, Site and Station Management Systems

An open and intuitive integrated management platform.

A fully integrated distributed control system based on ASL's proven iVENCS Control Software.

PC-based touchscreen workstation that provides both control and monitoring of an ASL PAVA system.

iVENCS Control System

The iVENCS Control System is an open and intuitive integrated management platform. Offering comprehensive control, monitoring, and incident analysis across all transport and site safety, security and communications subsystems, iVENCS sits at the heart of transport, building and site management.

The iVENCS Control System core integrates any required mix of subsystems into a single easy to use solution. Subsystems have their own dedicated controls and schematic views, while all the integrated equipment is presented on a powerful true 3D model of your installation. iVENCS can integrate systems across multiple sites, buildings, railway lines or railway stations, and includes both built-in help and an optional training simulator.

 iVENCS can integrate with Train and Signalling control systems, and Remote Condition Monitoring or Performance Reporting can be included. From small site management to large sites, iVENCS can be as comprehensive as you require.

iVENCS Line and Station Management System

ASL’s enhanced iVENCS Line and Station Management System (LSMS) provides an entirely integrated distributed control system, built upon ASL’s established iVENCS Control Software.

The LSMS provides the ability to control and monitor all aspects of Line, Depot, Station and On-Train systems, with full integration with your Train Control and Signalling System. The LSMS can provide powerful Operational Control Centre (OCC) and local station workstations, plus Line Overview Video Walls that combine reporting of equipment status and alarms-  with CCTV views.

Integrating the iVENCS LSMS with your Train and Signalling Control system enables trains to be managed at the required Safety Integrity Level, while iVENCS provides the operators at the OCC and at the stations with powerful and simple to use telecoms and security controls.

VIPA-WS Public Address Workstations

ASL’s VIPA-WS is a PC-based touchscreen workstation that provides both control and monitoring of an ASL PAVA system.

Simple and intuitive to use for both live and pre-recorded announcements, triggered from buttons or from a 2D graphical screen VIPA-WS, and provides comprehensive background music control and an advanced message scheduler. 

The VIPA-WS and MPS operate together as a paging microphone, with full integration between the desk microphone and graphic display. Thus, the PA zones can be selected for a broadcast either on the graphic display or using physical microphone buttons, and the PTT can be Pressed To Talk either on the graphic display or on the microphone itself. The VIPA-WS100 also provides a background music routing function, controlling a music feed that is connected into the VIPA-WS’s analogue audio input.

Fault and status reporting is provided for the PA system, and is also provided for any third-party equipment that has its fault or status contact outputs connected to the system.