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Access It! by acre security

Crystal clear audio communication in any environment provides another layer of safety and security that a silent security Intelligent communication that allows security teams to mitigate security threats is critical in today’s risk environment.

The integration with Zenitel communication solutions with the Access It! access control system allows users to automatically connect to the intercom device and to monitor the status.

Discover how audio enhances your Access Control Management Solution

  • Flexibility: Integrations that can grow or expand over time, be customized, and adapt to change.
  • Control: Integrated audio, video, and alarm management create an interactive system that allows users to hear, see, and respond quickly to any situation.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automated responses to routine security events allows operators to stay focused on critical threats.
  • Reduced Risk: Use data from multiple systems to identify vulnerable areas and potentially troublesome behaviors and allocate resources more efficiently.

Zenitel Communication Platforms

ICX-AlphaCom is all about integration. All communication devices come together on the ICX-AlphaCom platform to integrate with the overall building management system. This allows powerful tools such as voice and audio in maintaining building security.

IC-EDGE is a serverless communication platform that’s embedded in our IP Intercom and IP PA devices. Easy to deploy, use and maintain. Ideal for SMB companies.

Access it! Control Platform

Acre Technologies builds agile software solutions to help manage and automate your unique security needs. Solutions are custom fit for every industry with security and ease at the core. The Access It! platform has a powerful integration engine to amplify your security operations with best-in-class access security solutions from the best in the business.