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AMAG Symmetry

Symmetry™ Security Management System is AMAG’s advanced solution for Access Control, Video Management and Intrusion Detection. Symmetry is installed worldwide and designed for organizations of any size – from the largest multi-national or government agency through to offices and schools

About the integration

The integration between Symmetry and AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom/IC-EDGE provides a graphical intercom call station connection and logging capability from within the Access Control and Security Management System (SMS). Intercom call requests, connections and status are all shown on one easy to use screen. If required, intercom call stations may be grouped and routed to an unrestricted number of client machines.

This is especially useful for busy sites, which may have a large number of call stations installed. The operator can make and receive intercom calls, plus log intercom activity. Extensive history reporting capabilities provide the operator with accurate call station connection information.


The integration features that Symmetry offers with the Vingtor-Stentofon intercom range include the following:

  • When a call request is made video surveillance cameras can be moved to the callers location and automatically displayed to the Symmetry system operator
  • Incoming intercom calls can be displayed on a graphical map along with all of the other elements of the integrated system to allow a single visual means of control
  • Intercom stations can be linked through Symmetry to other nearby security assets allowing the Symmetry system operator to release a door, open a barrier or take any other required action very simply even on a very large system
  • Incoming intercom calls can be treated as alarms where required in critical environments 
  • Initiated from Symmetry, recorded or live voice announcements can be made at call station locations and / or along fence-lines to either provide information or enhance the local security provision 


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Solution: AlphaCom, IC-Edge, ICX-AlphaCom