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Cortech Developments

The integrated software solutions from Cortech reduce the complexity for operators responding to the wide range of different manufacturers control equipment found in a control room.

The system offers a single operating routine for all systems under control and therefore it is easier for operators to understand events, respond and direct resources in seconds.

About the Integration

Datalog is a comprehensive monitoring and control facility, which is simple to use, intuitive, with the capability to interface and interact with a wide range of different manufacturers control equipment including; Intruder, Perimeter, Fire, Access, CCTV, Digital Recording, Cell Call, Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom, Concierge, Staff Safety, Building Alarms, BMS, Energy and other emerging technologies.


  • Centralised monitoring and control for local and remote buildings - Increased efficiency and reduced operational costs
  • Ease of Use - Minimal operator training requirements
  • Single database for all systems - Full audit trail and maximum accountability
  • A single operating platform for all equipment under control - Easier for operators to understand events and direct resources in seconds
  • Comprehensive reporting - All system actions are logged
  • The Datalog software is also able to display live video for Video IP Intercoms.


The Datalog software can communicate with all versions of the AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom servers.

Call requests, call connections and call disconnections are displayed as a single event for each specific intercom on the alarm display; both textually and by changing the appearance of the intercom icon. When the call is disconnected all alarms related to the remote intercom can optionally be reset.

All alarms and alarm resets are logged to provide an audit trail. An operator can initiate and terminate calls by clicking on the intercom icon on the graphic site plans.

Call routing by time of day is implemented as a mode on the AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom server. Routing can also be set manually.

In prison systems the Vingtor-Stentofon intercom units are used to provide Guard Attendance. A guard will visit the cell of a prisoner who makes a call to check his/her wellbeing. The visit is logged by the guard through entering a personal PIN-code on the intercom station outside the cell.

When the guard needs to enter the cell, the *-button is pressed. This is indicated on the operator screen and logged into the database. The associated intercom station inside the cell is now placed in a special ‘Guard alarm mode’ and any button on the station will now act as an alarm button. When the guard leaves the #-button is pressed on the external station.

Solution: AlphaCom, ICX-AlphaCom