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AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom and Entelec Sky-Walker

Whether it’s about efficiency, connectivity, or return on investment, everything begins with the definition of a goal.

The important question is always the same: How do you make building management with safety and security more efficient?

The Solution

The Sky-Walker Integration Platform enables the efficient management of simple and complex infrastructures (skyscrapers, airports) and transportation solutions (roads, tunnels or railways). It connects all underlying technologies and systems from access control to ventilation.

Since the Sky-Walker Integration Platform is hardware independent, you simply make a system selection or work with systems already present.

Your building or site is easier and more efficiently controlled when deploying this intelligent management system, and thus will be safer. Save on operational costs with this future-proof investment!


  • The cockpit of your building, campus, site.
  • Proven Return on Investment opportunities
  • Simple “off-the-shelf” deployments
  • Configuration, not programming
  • Freedom of choice of technology partners
  • All communication protocols can be integrated
  • Time savings
  • Complete overview at any time
  • Simplified maintenance monitoring
  • Simple & user-friendly GUI
  • Training on only one management platform
  • Multilingual offerings
  • Effective reporting and audit


The Zenitel Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it possible to create a very close bi-directional integration between the AlphaCom XE / ICX-AlphaCom server and Entelec’s system integration solution, the Sky-Walker Integration platform.

Sky-Walker´s bi-directional interface with AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom enables:

  • internal server status information reporting by raising events
  • sending commands to the server by calling the appropriate method.

This way, the Sky-Walker Integration Platform has full access to all features of AlphaCom XE and ICX-AlphaCom.


Sky-Walker´s Graphical User Interface makes it possible to show different statuses related to AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom while connected to Zenitel intercom stations:

  • AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom: on-line/off-line
  • Intercom station: idle/busy/connected
  • RCI: active/inactive
  • RCO: active/inactive
  • Incoming call requests to the operator with possibility to scroll through lists and select a request to answer

From this Graphical User Interface, it is also possible to send commands to AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom:

  • RCO: Activate/Deactivate
  • Intercom station: Dial, Connect, M- and C-keys, Direct Access Keys, Send text message to display station
  • Operator call request accept

Next to the AlphaCom/ICX-AlphaCom integration, all system integration requirements are met when choosing the Sky-Walker Integration Platform. This is a simple and user-friendly solution for building automation and the management of roads, airports, tunnels, railway or other complex infrastructures.

Every technology can be integrated:

  • access control
  • CCTV
  • intrusion
  • fire alarm systems
  • HVAC
  • electricity, power
Solution: AlphaCom, ICX-AlphaCom