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IC-Edge ICX-AlphaCom
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Honeywell Integration

Buildings affect people every moment of every day. Honeywell are transforming the way every building operates, because better buildings make our lives better. Over 230,000 Honeywell global employees support buildings of every type, from commercial offices, stores and schools to hospitals, airports, and arenas. 

The diverse technologies and brands enable Honeywell to create holistic solutions, improving virtually every aspect of your building’s environment and experience. Honeywell believe buildings should be efficient and sustainable, and that building data can guide business decisions. 

Zenitel integrates our ICX-Alphacom platform with ESSER Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 1 Voice Alarm System, Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) and the Pro-Watch® integrated security suite. 

Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 1 integration

Zenitel integrates both ICX-Alphacom and IC-Edge systems with ESSER Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 1 by use of the TKIE-2 module. 

About the integration

Zenitel integrates both ICX-Alphacom and IC-Edge systems with ESSER Variodyn D1 and Variodyn 1 by use of the TKIE-2 module. Key functionality:

  • Control one, several or all zones/stations in either system. 
  • Reach one, several or all zones in the Variodyn D1/1 system from an intercom station. 
  • Announcements and prerecorded messages can be sent to either system. 

Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) integration

Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) gives business the tools to run smarter buildings that increase comfort, enhance security and lower cost. EBI is an open, scalable solution that works with a wide range of third-party equipment and software, reducing operational and lifecycle costs while giving you plenty of room to grow as your needs expand 

Zenitel integrates with EBI using OPC allowing ICX-Alphacom events to be transferred to EBI, and EBI to send commands to ICX-AlphaCom.

EBI Integration Key functionality

  • Associate icons on maps with intercom stations – the icons will change appearance depending on the status of the intercom station. 
  • Setup a call to a remote intercom station on a click on the intercom icon. 
  • Link ICX-AlphaCom events to actions in other by EBI controlled sub-systems – for instance connect a camera to a monitor on call request or an established connection. 

Pro-Watch integration

Zenitel integrates with Pro-Watch using MPC protocols.

Pro Watch Integration Key functionality

  • Zenitel intercom stations can be defined and be put onto graphical maps. 
  • Intercom stations can be associated with Pro-Watch workstations, allowing operators to set up calls directly from the workstation. 
  • Remote intercom stations (normally sub-stations) can be associated with logical devices such as doors. A call can then be made via for instance a right click on the door icon. 
  • Intercom station statuses such as calls between stations, or canceled calls are shown in an event viewer. The ICX/AlphaCom produces more events than are required in a specific installation; it is therefore possible to select the events of interest during commissioning, see the Pro-Watch installation guide for details. 
  • All intercom calls, events and alarms that report into Pro-Watch are stored in the system database for future audit trail and reporting capabilities. 

Pro-Watch Integration Benefits 

Crystal clear audio communication in any environment provides another layer of safety and security that a silent security system cannot. Zenitel Intelligent Communications integrated with the Honeywell systems ensure interoperability between audio, access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection which results in streamlined operations and enhanced security. 

Pro-Watch Integration Key features

  • Mapping - Have a complete overview of Zenitel intercom stations in the system tree and on graphical maps. 
  • Easy Calling - Setup and answer calls on graphical maps and directly from workstations. 
  • Intercom Status - View change of state when station is in use. 
  • Associate Events and actions - For instance, connect a camera to a monitor on call request or in a call. 
  • Audit trails and reporting –All intercom calls, events and alarms are stored for audit trail and reporting capabilities. 

Want to start integrating?

By using open source code we offer our Software Development Kit (SDK) to those that who qualify for our Technology Partner Program.