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5 Reasons to Retrofit Naval Vessels with the Exigo PAGA System

In the realm of naval operations, where split-second decisions shape mission success, there's an undeniable imperative for state-of-the-art and superior communication systems. They provide a critically important advantage: reliable, fast, and efficient communication among crew members, command, and other ships. These systems enable timely response to emergencies, the seamless coordination of Navy missions, the issuance of commands, and the upholding of on-board safety.

Exigo Alarm Panel for bridge on Naval Vessel
Photo: Zenitel © 2021 – Thomas Aas

If your naval vessel is equipped with outdated communication and alert systems, you are at significant risk. Often, these systems have limited functionality, hindering effective coordination and timely response to emergency situations. Sound quality and speech intelligibility can be poor. Moreover, they are challenging to maintain, require frequent repairs, lack adaptability to new technological demands, and are difficult to scale to new use scenarios. This increases operational costs and greatly imperils mission effectiveness and safety.

Naval patrol vessel at sea

Zenitel, a leading provider of maritime communication solutions, offers modern IP-based PAGA systems, such as the Exigo system. This is your assurance of safety and communication efficiency at sea, which must be an integral part of ship equipment. Why? Here are 5 compelling reasons to retrofit your naval vessel or patrol boat with the Exigo IP-based PAGA system.

1. Supreme Sound Quality and Clarity

The Exigo PAGA system provides unique sound quality, speech clarity, and message intelligibility. This is critically important in situations where you need to instantly understand and respond to commands. Emergency messages, important instructions, official announcements, and any crucial information will be clearly conveyed and understood even in the most challenging acoustic conditions.

2. Streamlined Management and Remote Monitoring

Exigo PAGA systems are easy to manage; they support remote monitoring of all system components, significantly increasing crew efficiency. You can conduct real-time diagnostics and remotely adjust necessary parameters from the central command hub, reducing response times in critical situations.

3. Seamless Integration and Flexible Configuration

Exigo PAGA easily integrates with technological systems and works with Zenitel's IP products and those from third-party providers, including internal communication systems, fog alarms, and fire alarms. Such integration is not just an option; it is a key step in establishing a comprehensive communication and safety network on your naval vessels or patrol boats. Situational awareness, increased safety, and effective response to various scenarios — you control everything that can affect the crew's work and mission execution.

Exigo PAGA System ready for deployment at naval vessel

4. Customized and Scalable Solution

Each naval vessel has a one-of-a-kind layout and specific demands. Exigo PAGA systems are customized solutions with a wide range of options and versions that cater to each ship's specific needs. Whether it's a compact patrol boat or a large naval vessel, the system flexibly adapts to specific requirements and provides uninterrupted communication throughout the entire ship.

5. Compliance with Industry Standards

Safety at sea is of paramount importance, and it is crucial for every vessel to strictly adhere to maritime norms. The Exigo IP-based PAGA system from Zenitel has been authorized in accordance with class requirements and adheres to strict maritime regulations, ensuring the safety of your crew and assets.


Exigo PAGA ensures uninterrupted communication even in the most extreme conditions. Regardless of the vessel's location and climatic factors, your crew will always stay connected. Whether you're in a hot tropical region or amidst Arctic ice, Exigo PAGA stands guard over your communication and safety, providing maximum security and mission efficiency.

Make the strategic decision to retrofit naval vessels with the Exigo PAGA System. A modern and reliable communication infrastructure that ensures the safety of the vessel and crew is not just an economically efficient upgrade of outdated systems; it is the best investment in protecting your assets.