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ICX-500 Platform and intercom stations from Zenitel

The future of offshore PABX is based on the intelligent ICX-500 platform

This state-of-the-art next-generation platform provides advanced features and superior performance for marine Intercom & PABX. With ICX-500, you get unrivaled audio quality, ease of use, excellent interoperability and flexibility as well as built-in cybersecurity.

Designed to withstand all the maritime challenges

We know that it is paramount for your crew to hear, be heard and understood across all sites of your vessel or offshore energy, oil and gas installations. Enabled by advanced algorithms for active noise and echo cancellation and gain control, ICX-500 is built for the noisiest and most hazardous environments. It’s a robust, compact, energy-saving and space-efficient solution, built to fit in different installations onboard and on the offshore sites.

The gateway provides excellent audio quality for smooth Intercom & PABX operation. Our range of suitable IP stations are built for extreme temperatures, winds and high humidity conditions.ICX-500 proved its reliability and fault tolerance in situations where clear and efficient communication is critical. This gateway is maritime-approved as it complies with the toughest standards for the marine and offshore markets.

Explore ICX-500, the next-generation intercom

We use the latest technology processors to make ICX-500 extremely powerful to fit all the communication needs of vessels or offshore sites of all sizes. That’s why the gateway is 250 times more powerful than Zenitel’s previous XE series and offers extended functionality. It supports up to 552 IP stations and provides your crew with a wide range of communication features. ICX-500 also offers an unprecedented level of interoperability.

The gateway is designed to integrate seamlessly with onboard safety and operational solutions provided by Zenitel and third party vendors. We can set an interface between the gateway and a wide range of own and third party IP stations, UHF/VHF Radio, IP speakers, PAGA, CCTV, IPTV, and other systems.

We use our native APIs and SDK (Software Development Kit) to create customized integrations to meet needs and requirements of our customers. ICX-500 comes with a unified management interface, so you get all the benefits of a single communication platform with excellent usability and operational efficiency.

Hardware capabilities of next generation ICX-500

Ready for today’s challenges, designed with the future in mind

With our powerful next generation platform, you get a future-proof solution that offers an extensive feature set for future expansions. The gateway provides unrivaled scalability and flexibility, so you can easily implement new options and applications according to your communication needs. Based on our state-of-the-art technology, it is already prepared for innovations emerging in maritime and offshore markets, including cloud solutions, remote management and monitoring.

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