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Zenitel prepares you for the 2019 Concentrated Inspection Campaign

Concentrated Inspection Campaign

Ships often operate in isolation and are engaged in long sea voyages, where shore assistance for onboard emergencies may not be available. Therefore, the preparedness of emergency equipment on ships, such as emergency power sources and fire pumps, and the crew’s ability to respond to emergencies are critical factors in saving human lives, protecting the marine environment and minimizing ship damage.

This year's Concentrated Inspection Campaign is a reflection of the importance of ensuring reliable, efficient emergency systems and procedures.

High deficiency rate on Emergency Systems and Procedures

For many years, the number of deficiencies of the Emergency Systems has remained in the top five categories. The joint CIC on Emergency Systems and Procedures will not only raise safety awareness among the crew on safety related issues, but will also enhance crew familiarisation with the emergency safety systems and procedures, contributing to the prevention of marine accidents in the oceans, ” says Luc Smulders, Secretary General of the Paris MoU.

If deficiencies are found, actions by the port State may vary from recording a deficiency and instructing the master, to rectify it within a certain period of time to detaining the ship until the serious deficiencies have been rectified.

Tokyo and Paris MoUs expect to carry out approximately 10,000 inspections during the CIC. Other MoUs that have said they will implement the same CIC are Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoU.

Zenitel – World-leading provider of onboard Critical Communication solutions

Zenitel provides critical communication solutions to the Maritime & Energy markets, including Public Address, General Alarm, Intercom, Radio solutions and other communication solutions used in onboard Emergency Communication.

Zenitel sees it as our obligation to ensure that our end users, the maritime crew, are aware of the potential implications of the upcoming CIC on Emergency Systems and Procedures. Based on this, and because we have delivered Public Address systems to tens of thousands vessels around the world, we have created brief guidelines that crews can use to check operation of the onboard Public Address system and to understand the basic operation of these systems.

Preparing for the Concentrated Inspection Campaign - Zenitel recommends:

  • Become familiar with the questionnaire for the CIC on emergency systems and procedures.
  • Inform the crew and make sure they are aware of how to use the Public Address and alarm systems.
  • Run performance tests of the Public Address system on the emergency power supply and, if and A/B system is present, run tests on the B system, as well. 
  • Download the Zenitel PA/GA checklist and perform system tests before the CIC period starts. 
  • Joint press release and questionnaire from Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU can be found here

For further guidance, contact Zenitel Customer Service at cs[at]zenitel[dot]com or call us at  0047 4000 2700. 

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