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Gulf Of Naples Sets New Standards in Emission Reduction

Meet the Gulf of Naples — a single-hull HSC (Hybrid High-Speed Craft). This cutting-edge passenger ferry, one of the remarkable Hybrid Passenger Ferries, was designed and constructed by the Intermarine Research Centre for Marinvest and SNAV.. Both companies are part of the MSC Group. Scheduled to commence operations in 2024, the state-of-the-art vessel will establish new benchmarks for eco-friendly short-haul sea crossings in the Gulf of Naples.

Hybrid Ferry to operate Gulf of Naples
Photo: courtesy of Intermarine (IMMSI Group)

Micro System Technology, a partner of Zenitel in Italy, based in Messina, equipped Gulf of Naples with a full internal communication package.

A Leap Toward a Zero-Emission Future

Designed with the environment in mind, Gulf of Naples will be the first ferry capable of providing zero-emission maneuvers when entering and departing ports, setting a new standard for Hybrid Passenger Ferries.. The craft is equipped with environmentally conscious technologies and boasts a latest-generation hybrid propulsion system. This system comprises modern engines designed to minimize atmospheric emissions and an electric motor to provide eco-friendly maneuvering.

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Hybrid Passenger Ferries

The newbuild vessel was crafted using advanced industrial design technologies. Its hull is made from aluminium alloy that was electro-welded utilizing the Metal-arc Inert Gas (MIG) procedure. Gulf of Naples will take onboard 738 passengers and 12 crew members, and it is expected to reach a top speed of 34 knots.

Effective Solutions for Modern Ferries

ELCA ACS, Zenitel distributor for the Italian market, has supported Micro System Technology in designing and configuring the internal communication system for this exceptional hybrid passenger ferry with superior technical and functional features. With its 30+ years of experience and expertise in marine, security, healthcare, transportation and industrial sectors, ELCA ACS stands as a trusted partner of Zenitel and a Center of Excellence in our Safety & Security segment.

Sustainable communication systems

Zenitel develops future-proof critical communications solutions tailored to the requirements of modern Hybrid Passenger Ferries, ensuring high-quality voice transmission and reliable performance in the most demanding environments. At the same time, our IP products and digital technologies are designed to enhance the sustainability of maritime communications.

We are proud to take part in equipping this best-in-class passenger vessel with a green footprint, exemplifying the future of Hybrid Passenger Ferries with an effective communication package.

In partnership with Micro System Technology and ELCA ACS we designed and delivered a system consisting of:

  • PAGA (SPA-V2)
  • VSP Batteryless Telephone System
  • CIS TalkBack System
  • Sound Reception System SR8300
  • SEAS antenna and distribution system for Analog TV with Information System.