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ICS 6200 Communication System by Phontech

The ICS 6200 offers a complete integrated communication solutions covering all maritime applications in one single platform. The system is well proven and installed on all types of vessels around the world.

overview of components in ICS 6200 integrated communications
Photo: Zenitel © 2021 – Maritime & Energy

Reliable and easy-to-use communications are crucial onboard marine vessels or across offshore installations to ensure safe and effective operations. Phontech ICS 6200 (Integrated Communication Solution) from Zenitel provides our customers with a complete maritime communication platform. This integrated system ensures seamless operation of Intercom, Telephony and PABX, PA, and entertainment broadcasting. With its robust design built to withstand the challenges of the ocean, this cost-effective solution offers simple setup and configuration.

A Single Solution for Integrated Communication

Based on state-of-the-art Asterisk technology, this digital communication system provides excellent reliability and flexible configurations to fit our clients' specific requirements.

The solution offers:

  • Easy installation, configuration, and usage.
  • Excellent scalability and flexibility with a modular design.
  • A simple centralized user interface.
  • An extensive set of features for smarter and more effective operations.

ICS 6200 - Outstanding Interoperability and Flexible Design

The ICS 6200's modern architecture provides a unique combination of IP-based, digital, and analog products. The solution works seamlessly with all existing DICS stations.

We equipped the ICS 6200 with different easy-to-use features created to increase the crew's operational efficiency, such as group calls, conferences, alerts, and remote services. The solution comes with a network connection, including cascading, and offers an interface between IP-based systems, both from Zenitel and other vendors.

A proven and easy-to-use configurable platform for maritime users

We created ICS 6200 to provide our customers with the simplicity of system setup, maintenance, and administration they need. The solution offers a centralized user-friendly interface that enables to configure different features from the main server. It allows the crew to set up intercom stations from a single center instead of configuring each device separately.

Our ICS 6200 is built on the open communication platform Asterisk that offers outstanding reliability for telephony centrals and communication systems. With full SIP support, it enables seamless work with multiple intercom SIP devices from different vendors. The platform is also adapted to the specific needs of maritime users providing special features, such as priorities on call.