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MV Arvia arrives port in Southampton for her maiden voyages
Picture: Port of Southampton / P&O Cruises

Zenitel delivered integrated communication solutions for MV Arvia

Innovative, comfortable, and eco-friendly – that’s Arvia

Arvia is built to the highest standards of the cruise industry with a focus on exceptional passenger comfort and sustainability. Meyer Werft, one of the most modern and largest shipyards in the world, equipped this luxury vessel with the cleanest LNG engine system. LNG vessels are part of the Green Shipping future as its engine system fully prevents the release of soot particles and nitrogen oxides. This incredible liner with 20 decks, including 16 passenger decks, accommodates  5,200 passengers and 1,800 crew members. Arvia offers a variety of entertaining options providing comfort and high safety standards during voyages to scenic locations around the world.

Intelligent systems for modern liner

We are proud to create a state-of-the-art intregrated communication platform that has reinforced the overall crew and passenger safety system and cyber security of this stunning vessel. With decades of experience in creating innovative systems for the maritime segment, we built an integrated communication solution designed to be robust and ready to operate in the maritime environment, easy-to-use, and with particular attention to the style that complements the impressive Arvia design.

Safety on board is a major priority

All our solutions are designed to meet stringent international maritime rules and regulations. For Arvia, our engineers ensured all the specific requirements from the shipyard. One of these requirements was the development of the necessary redundant systems that ensure 24/7 uptime of all LAN and Networks, even in the unlikely case of one complete fire zone fails.

Safe Return to Port for Arvia

Whatever happens onboard, the crew has to stay connected across all the decks to coordinate actions and provide fast decision-making to ensure safety. For Arvia, we designed Safe Return to Port System (SRtP) that meets all the SOLAS SRtP regulations and the strictest redundancy requirements. Even in case of one cabinet fails or gets damaged, the second cabinet will take over automatically. Powered by the Motorola products, this solution provides secure, wireless UHF communication. Being experts in system integrations, our engineers seamlessly combine  the Two-way Radio Motorola system and AlphaCom ACM M-D-V2 into a single solution to create a fully integrated communication platform.

LAN infrastructure, specially designed for a luxury liner

Zenitel and FUNA created a decentralized LAN network system for our IP-Talk Back system to meet all the special needs of cruise vessels. This solution is perfect for cruise liners for its extreme space efficiency and easy installation.

Integrated communication for cruise vessel

A reliable, easy-to-use, resilient integrated communication system adapted to maritime conditions was needed to ensure passengers’ and crew’s safety onboard. To solve this task, we delivered IP-TALK BACK system based on our modern IP Based solution. Made for the offshore environment, this system provides the crew with the latest IP telephony, and a modern web management system. On top of that, it also offers all the benefits of a single user interface. About 60 different important areas across the vessel are covered for the internal communication to ensure the safety on board.
The solution was created with special attention to the system’s redundancy and audio quality. The extra benefits were brought by advanced networking and security options and as remote monitoring functions.

To provide the crew with all of these features, we used:

We also supplied a separate small IP-TALK BACK system to ensure effective operations onboard. This solution is based on our robust IP Based Talk Back System TMIS-1 with excellent audio quality and background noise cancellation. The additional small IP-DECT system was created to provide the crew with needed mobility. The solution ensures good coverage and radio interference resistance.

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