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Mall Plaza currently operates 21 shopping centers: 15 in Chile, 5 in Peru, and 1 in Colombia

Mall Plaza uses IP Intercom to Anchor Command Center

Following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the central-southern region of Chile in 2010, it became increasingly apparent to Mall Plaza that they needed a command center capable of remotely running and centralizing the management of an emergency, and real time decision making.

Zenitel, in cooperation with Schneider Electric, were the only vendors able to meet all the requirements specified by the client. The close cooperation and excellent work by both parties delivered a solution that improves operational efficiency, security, quality of information and emergency communications with all emergency services.

Mall Plaza currently operates 21 shopping centers in the region: 15 located in Chile, five in Peru, and one in Colombia, with five projects under development and due for opening during the next few years. Since the first project was finished, 14 other shopping centers have been migrated to the new platform, and 12 have been centralized in a Central Operations Center. Mall Plaza now has a standardized solution for all future shopping centers, allowing for continued savings in design and engineering.

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  • Latin American Shopping Chain Centralizes Security And Emergency Operations
Segment: Building Security, City Protection & Public Safety, Commercial & Corporate, Newbuildings
Location: Brazil, US

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