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The NEOLINER – Revolutionizing Sustainable Cargo Shipping

As the shipping world is facing global climate challenges along with stricter regulations on pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases, the need for clean and safe maritime transport becomes paramount. NEOLINE has come up with reliable innovative and profitable concept of a cargo ship, built on new propulsion technology.

The NEOLINER illustration sailing in Baltimore
Illustration: MAURIC/NEOLINE © 2023

The NEOLINER, an outstanding sail-powered Ro/Ro vessel, is already under construction at RMK Marine's Tuzla shipyard in Turkey. We, at Zenitel, are proud to provide a full scope of communication systems for this revolutionary ship in maritime cargo transport.

The NEOLINER is the pilot project, built in collaboration with NEOLINE and its technical partners, including Turkish shipyard RMK Marine, Chantiers de l'Atlantique, MAURIC, D-ICE Engineering, Fouré Lagadec, Engie Axima, and Bio-sea UV. It aims to become one of the largest sailing cargo vessels proving that low-carbon shipping can be profitable and reliable.

NEOLINER a pioneer in Green Cargo Shipping

The NEOLINER's unique design features a sails propulsion system that is expected to save up to 90 percent of fuel, significantly reducing pollutant emissions. It will be equipped with two folding carbon SOLIDSAIL masts, developed by Chantiers de l'Atlantique. These constructions are expected to be 250 feet high and provide a 3,000 sqm sail area. Modern technological features, offered by this company, also include an efficient weather routing system and retractable anti-drift plans.

The vessel, with a maximum speed of 11 knots, will carry up to 5,300 tonnes or 265 20-foot containers. It is going to take onboard the 13 crew members and will be equipped with 6 double cabins for an additional 12 passengers.

Plans are for it to start sailing in June 2025 between the ports of Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Baltimore, and Halifax, crossing the Atlantic in 8 days.

Critical Communications for an Innovative Cargo Vessel

The developers of this unique ship chose Zenitel equipment to ensure operational efficiency, safety and security onboard, and provide reliable services for cargo owners.

We equipped the NEOLINER with a complete communication system for a cargo vessel based on:

Our integrated solutions ensure a seamless and secure communication network on board, essential for innovative cargo vessels.

Futureproof and Reliable Communication Solutions

The stunning new cargo ship, 446 feet in length, equipped with innovative and reliable sailing technology, is operated by only 13 crew members. In challenging conditions on the way across the Atlantic, the crew needs to stay connected at all vital positions on board. Zenitel delivers modern and reliable solutions that meet the strictest maritime requirements for critical communication. Our equipment is designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring operational stability and outstanding speech quality for the crew.

Designed to showcase the potential of zero-emission cargo shipping, the NEOLINER is set to be a game-changer in maritime cargo transportation. Zenitel is well-positioned to provide this modern vessel with state-of-the-art communication equipment tailored to the specific needs of innovative cargo ships.