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Offshore wind – huge potential for both energy and maritime operators

Offshore wind power has the potential to play a crucial role in the global transition to renewable and low-carbon energy. According to Offshore Wind Outlook 2019, this dynamic market will continue to grow and become a $1 trillion industry by 2024.

illustration of the offshore wind eco landscape

Multi faceted Eco Landscape

The efficient operation of offshore wind farms is ensured by huge wind turbines, onshore control centers, onshore and offshore substations, crew transfer vessels (CTV), service operation vessels (SOVs), installation vessels, and energy operators. The offshore wind power capacity of the European Union (where offshore wind was pioneered) is over 20 GW and has the potential to increase up to 130 GW by 2040.
However, the US is also in a good position to develop this market. A great support for the US green energy, promised by President Joe Biden, caused the rise of new wind farm projects  and SOVs. And now, fixed and floating offshore wind farms are growing its capacity.

Crew safety and operational efficiency start with seamless communications

Innovative technologies have become one of the driving forces behind offshore wind market development. This is where Zenitel comes in – with a huge potential to deliver critical communications solutions for maritime and energy installations in Europe and the US. With more than 70 years of experience in creating turnkey solutions and providing reliable, seamless communications for traditional offshore markets, we are now committed to deliver even better and more integrated solutions safeguarding your crew across the entire offshore wind farm ecosystem.

Offshore wind turbines illustration

Complete сommunication systems for offshore wind

Zenitel provides a turnkey delivery of state-of-the-art solutions for offshore wind farms and service operation vessels at any stage of their functioning: from building to maintenance and service. Our customers get all the communication, crew welfare, and safety products working together as a single easy-to-use scalable system. A simple, unified interface and other equipment allow the crew to focus on the core tasks and not be distracted by complicated setup or operational issues.
In these hazardous environments offshore, the crew needs to stay connected constantly across all sites, including wind turbines, CTVs, SOVs or installation vessel, substations and onshore control center to ensure safe operations. We not only deliver fully reliable systems that ensure seamless communications, but also integrate Intercom system, Two-Way radio, IP-based Public Address and General Alarm, IP-CCTV, IPTV and other important solutions into a single system.

Reliable solutions designed for harsh maritime environments

Сrew safety is our top priority: that’s why we develop durable, corrosion and extreme-temperature resistant systems. Our solutions provide seamless communications in maritime environments and are equipped with all the necessary features and technologies, such as noise reduction for better voice transmission or the ability to locate crew-mates during their offshore work. At the same time, our Wireless Communication products and other systems are designed to be stylish and easy to use.

Critical communication systems for service vessels

The service vessel market is also growing dynamically while the requirements for the reliability and equipment of such vessels remain high. Zenitel has great potential in supplying intelligent turnkey communication systems optimized for smaller CTVs to SOVs and installation vessels. Our engineers design the PAGA system to suit the vessel size, and a complete bundle of integrated solutions such as Two-Way radio, PABX, CCTV and IPTV entertainment and information systems.
Find out more about our state-of-the-art integrated solutions for Offshore Wind in our new brochure.