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A peek behind our IP Speaker product development

What Godin likely meant is for companies to put their customers’ needs first. You must see the products that you develop and sell as something that can help your customers; versus putting a product in the marketplace just to keep up with the competition.   

At Zenitel, that thinking leads our product development each day. We always want to provide our customers with products and solutions that keep people safe, by enabling everyone to hear, be heard and be understood - every time and everywhere.

When we thought about how we could improve our IP speaker products we listened to you, our customers, and we used that feedback to guide our decisions.

The key themes that we learned from listening to you include:
  • There is an increase in need for IP-based systems and IOT devices, across all market segments
  • End devices that add high-quality audio and can be controlled directly via a VMS over an IP network are an attractive, value-added solution
  • Intelligent products with automated features are seen as key contributors to a lower overall cost of ownership

To begin meeting those ever-evolving needs, we have exciting news to share with you: the launch of our Next Generation, Intelligent IP Speaker series.

The interactivity and integration features of these new products provide many benefits over traditional public address systems, to include:
  • Talk Back Functionality – With a microphone in each speaker, operators can directly communicate with individuals near the speaker.
  • Ambient Listening – Opens the mic channel only, giving an operator more situational awareness.
  • Automatic Volume Control – Measures the ambient noise and automatically adjusts the product’s volume up or down, within a user-defined range.
  • Monitoring, Maintenance and Control – A built-in tone test gives the product enhanced monitoring and maintenance features to limit system downtime and to allow for more efficient management of maintenance tasks.
  • Flexible Zoning – Ensures that each speaker can be addressed individually, or grouped to form larger zones, with multiple assignable groups.

Even more, each speaker has its own built-in amplifier that eliminates the need for central or localized amplifiers and can reduce cabling. Our use of open standards such as SIP, Multicast, and RTP streaming enables easy integration. Our three modes of operation, SIP, IC-EDGE, and ICX-AlphaCom allows users to scale to their needs, from single devices to standalone systems, to enterprise grade solutions. Last, the speakers conform to IEEE802.1x network standards, providing a cybersecure deployment.

There are many uses for our new IP speakers, including around a building and fence line for perimeter protection, anti-theft and vandalism in stores and parking lots, paging for employee and visitor announcements, crowd and queue management in large areas such as sports stadiums, as part of a passenger information solution in transportation hubs, and more.

We are excited to share this news with you, and we hope that we have done our job of providing you with a safety and security product that has put your needs first.

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