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Port State Control CIC 2023 - Fire Safety and ISM Code

From 1 September to 30 November the Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU PSC (Port State Control) regime will run a concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on fire safety, both from a technical and operational aspect.

Port State Control CIC 2023 Fire Safety
Photo: Zenitel © 2023 – Thomas Aas

As always, the Paris and Tokyo MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) is running the Port State Control CIC on the same topic. However, this year most MoU have reported that they will participate in this year’s CIC. This is because fire safety and ISM related deficiencies linked to maintenance of ship and equipment has increased drastically over the last few years.

Like previous years, the CIC will last for three months, from 1 September to 30 November 2023, and be included as an additional part of routine PSC inspections during the campaign period. The attending PSC Officers (PSCOs) will use a questionnaire tailored to verify specific topics and areas relevant to the CIC.

Port State Control CIC - Recommendations

Owners/managers should make sure their crews are informed about the planned CIC and which items are expected to be most important. Special attention should be paid to these items during maintenance to ensure the proper condition of the vessel.

As deficiencies in fire safety can often be traced to shortcomings in the implementation of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code), the efficient use of the ISM should be emphasized.

Since many of Zenitel´s partners deliver complete solutions for their customers, including fire safety systems that integrate with Zenitel´s critical onboard communication, it is advisable to become familiar with the topic of this year´s CIC and confer with customers about the options of service and maintenance where needed.

We at Zenitel wish you all safe sailing, and you can find more information about the upcoming CIC in the links from DNV and Safety4Sea below