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Scenic Eclipse II – Setting standards for Luxury Cruising

Setting sail out of Rijeka, Croatia to Lisbon, Portugal on 6th April. Scenic Eclipse II is ready to take on passengers for her inaugural voyage from Lisbon to Barcelona. This is the second vessel in this new luxury segment from Scenic Group. And it raises attention globally by setting new standards for Luxury cruises.

Scenic Eclipse Luxury Cruise
Photo: Scenic Group © 2022

The luxury traveling segment is full of praise for this new vessel, which is similar to her sister vessel Scenic Eclipse, but with some added extra features for that extravagant luxury feeling.

Here are just some interesting articles we found when looking into what was written about Scenic Eclipse II since she left the 3 Maj Shipyard in Croatia.

Zenitel was trusted to deliver critical onboard communication systems for the first Scenic Eclipse. Being trusted to supply equipment for Scenic Eclipse II and future vessels ensures us we are able and ready to deliver high-end solutions to high-end vessels.

Scenic Eclipse II – Luxury Facts

Although Scenic Eclipse II was proposed as a “copy” of Scenic Eclipse, virtually nothing was left unaltered. These new enhancements elevate the ultra-luxury experience, as Scenic Eclipse II will travel to nearly every corner of the globe - from ice-laden polar regions to the world’s most sought-after warm environs. Selected highlights include:

  • 114 exclusive suits ranging from 32m2 to 240m2. All with private balconies and features such as:
    • Electrochromic glass technology partitions that switch from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button
    • White marble bathroom features
    • Showers with mist settings
    • Color light therapy
  • 10 dining experiences onboard
  • All suits with access to butler service
  • A 550m2 Spa and Wellness Center with dedicated spaces for male and female guests
  • Two onboard helicopters and one submarine

The exploration yacht itself is 550 ft long, weighs 16 500 tonnes and has a cruising speed of 17 knots. It is fitted with an advanced GPS positioning system and stabilization systems that allow the vessel to sail smoothly across even rough waters and reduce overall emissions. The advanced positioning system also allows the vessel not to drop anchor to maintain position. Which is great for vulnerable seabed’s where the anchor should not be dropped.

Zenitel’s Scope of Delivery

We have delivered a range of equipment onboard this fantastic vessel, and upgraded solutions compared to what was delivered on the first Scenic Eclipse that made her inaugural voyage in 2019.

  • VSP Batteryless Telephone System for emergency communication
  • Exigo A+B PAGA system in advanced configuration
  • PABX telephone exchange in redundant mode with interface to UHF Safe Return to Port Solution
  • LAN System (passive)
  • IP CCTV System (Main and backup server, PC for workstations, cameras)
  • Masterclock system

If you want to learn more about our solutions for Yacht and Cruise segment, you can visit our new solution page that we just launched as part of our new website.

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