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Sandy Ground launch, image courtesy of Eastern Shipbuilding Group
Picture: Courtesy of Eastern Shipbuilding Group 2020, launch of Hull 220 - Sandy Ground

Three new Staten Island ferries with Zenitel technology

As part of this project, Zenitel has delivered a full range of critical communication and safety solutions onboard these three vessels. The full delivery consists of a SPA-V2 PAGA system, ACM AlphaCom for Maritime PABX system, IP-based CCTV system and LAN network with Cisco solutions.
This project has been part of a collaboration between our US team in New Orleans and two of our valued partners, Beier Integrated Systems and Mackay Communications. Beier Integrated Systems was responsible for delivery and commissioning of the PAGA and PABX solutions, as well as interfacing between the systems. Mackay Communication was responsible for delivery and commissioning of the IP CCTV system and LAN infrastructure.

Ollis Class Ferries

The three ferries from builder Eastern Shipbuilding Group are from a design by Elliott Bay Design Group. Collectively named the Ollis Class Ferries, the ferry series is named in honor of Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis, a Staten Island native who was killed in Afghanistan on August 28, 2013, while serving with the U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division  during Operation Enduring Freedom. The first of the series, Hull 219, is also named in his honor.
The second ferry, Sandy Ground, is named is named after the oldest continuously inhabited free Black settlement in the United States, on Staten Island’s South Shore.  Founded in the early 19th Century, Sandy Ground arose from a settlement of free Blacks from New York, Maryland and Delaware.
As the third ferry is still under construction, its name will be revealed at a later date.
Each ferry has a capacity of 4500 passengers and has double-ended hulls, with an overall length of 320 feet (97.6 meters). Each is equipped with four Tier 4 ABS Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) 12-710 diesel engines, with a combined 9,980 hp at 900 rpm.

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry provides 22 million people a year (70,000 passengers a day, not counting weekends) with ferry service between St. George on Staten Island and Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan. The ferry is the only non-vehicular mode of transportation between Staten Island and Manhattan. NYC DOT operates and maintains the nine-vessel fleet, as well as the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island, Whitehall Ferry Terminal in Manhattan, the City Island and Hart Island Facilities, The Battery Maritime Building and all floating dock building equipment. The Staten Island Ferry is run by the City of New York for one pragmatic reason: To transport Staten Islanders to and from Manhattan. Yet, the 5-mile, 25-minute ride also provides a majestic view of New York Harbor and a no-hassle, even romantic, boat ride – all for free!

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