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Ulstein builds next generation CLV with integrated communication from Zenitel

With the backdrop of a spectacular seascape, an exciting next generation cable laying vessel (CLV) has just completed successful sea trials off the coast of Norway.

Images: ©2021 - Ulstein Group/Per Eide Studio.

CLV Nexans Aurora was built by Ulstein Verft of Ulsteinvik and has been developed for operations in rough weather. With a future in all oceans around the globe it has outstanding maneuverability and station-keeping capabilities. The Norwegian yard has been a family-owned company since 1917.

The 490-foot (150-meter) long vessel is outfitted for power cable and umbilical laying, cable jointing and repair, and cable system protection and trenching. It will play a vital role in installing high voltage (HV) submarine cables, helping connect offshore wind farms to the grid, supporting electrification of offshore petroleum installations and creating electrical interconnections between countries. It will be a critical component in supplying and servicing the growing U.S. offshore renewable energy market.

The owner is Nexans S.A., a global cable company headquartered in Paris, France. They have been at the forefront of cable production for over a century.

Integrated communication from Zenitel

On the CLV Nexans Aurora, Zenitel’s maritime and energy (M&E) division has supplied complete product and system packages, many of which interface with each other in one communication hub, providing integrated communication  for crew safety and vessel operations as well as entertainment for crew welfare.

The future-proof intelligent onboard communications include Zenitel’s outstanding and well-tested intercom and telephone system, batteryless telephone system, WiFi phones, public address and general alarm (PAGA) system, internet protocol television (IPTV), more than 60 IP-based CCTV cameras and 13 control stations from which to monitor them, plus a local area network (LAN) and other networking systems.

A key role in NY wind farm

In an electrifying development the Nexans Aurora has been designated as the HV CLV for Empire Offshore Wind LLC’s proposed New York wind farm, which will eventually supply renewable energy to over a million homes in the state.
The state of New York has committed to supplying 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and this vessel will be a key interconnector between the offshore turbines and the onshore grid. The wind farm will be located 14 miles (23 km) south of Long Island and will have 60 to 80 wind turbines in the first phase, expected to come online in late 2024. The project has received state approval and the initial investment will be approximately US$3 billion.

Once more, Zenitel M&E  has risen to the challenge of delivering a comprehensive, integrated communication package designed to enhance crew welfare and operational safety. The Nexans Aurora shows why Zenitel is one of the leading companies delivering critical onboard communication and entertainment solutions—well-positioned to be a major supplier of fully integrated communication products and systems for this new generation of CLVs.

Nexans Aurora - Fact Box 

DetailsCable laying vessel (CLV)—490-foot (150-meter);
17,000 dead weight tonnes (DWT)
YardUlstein Verft, Ulsteinvik, Norway
OwnerNexans S.A., Paris, France
Sea trialsMay 2021
Zenitel M&E
integrated communication installed
AlphaCom intercom and telephone system (XE System)
Exigo PAGA system, integrated with AlphaCom
Ascom WiFi phones, integrated with AlphaCom
IP CCTV system (60+ cameras and 13 control stations)
VSP batteryless telephone system
IPTV system from BazePort
LAN and networking