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Image: Courtesy of Cemre Shipyard © DEME 2020

Worlds first Twin Hull SOV

Offshore wind farms will have the opportunity to replace generation from fossil energy sources and is seen as an important part of sustainable future energy production. Technology and market development are still at an early stage, the potential for technological development and cost reduction both at sites but also regards to service and operation is estimated to half in cost and double in technology by 2030.

DEME Twin Hull SOV

As a world leader in highly specialized fields of dredging, marine engineering and environmental remediation, DEME is taking a huge step with the new SOV design. The new Twin Hull SOV will feature a Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) design, which ensure low wave impact on movements when approaching the wind turbines. Further, the 60m long vessel will be equipped with a motion compensated gangway and a daughter craft to safely transfer technicians to the wind turbines. The DP2 system installed will ensure the vessel can hold its position in rough sea and still operate with lower fuel consumption. Compared to monohull SOVs the reduction of fuel consumption can be as high as 50%. All of this adds up to reduce the cost of wind farm maintenance and operation.

Due for delivery in 2021, the SOV will be chartered by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and enter a long-term maintenance contract for the SeaMade offshore windfarms in Belgium. The SeaMade consists of three different windfarm sites: Rentel, Seastar and Mermaid concession, with the SOV servicing them all.

Zenitel Project Delivery

Zenitel delivers systems and solutions to all types of vessels and energy installations around the world, and we make use of our combined experience ensuring we deliver on the promises of quality and cost efficiency. Seeing to it that our equipment meets the requirements and expectations for operation in these challenging environments is of utmost importance. No doubt, we also feel extra pride when we can deliver a full scope of solutions for such innovative vessel designs as this new SOV.

For the Twin Hull SOV ordered by DEME, Zenitel has delivered a wide range of critical onboard communication solutions, as well as entertainment solutions for the crew and safety systems such as IP CCTV. The delivery is part of complete integrated navigation, communication, data, safety and entertainment systems installed with our partner Konomar in Turkey. It was also a requirement from DEME to the shipyard that comfort standards of the crew had high importance, as the vessel should be a homely offshore base for up to 24 technicians and a nautical crew. The full delivery from our range of products to the DEME Twin Hull SOV consists of: Batteryless Telephone System, Sound Reception System, Public Address and General Alarm System, Intercom and Talk-Back System, LAN network, IPTV, Terrestrial COAX TV system, IP-CCTV and Wireless Dect System.

You can also find more information about the new Twin Hull SOV vessel in DEME’s Press Release and in the CEMRE Shipyard Press Release.

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