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Zenitel adds leading Powersoft music amplifiers to their Maritime & Energy product range

Zenitel have mastered the production and installation of integrated communications throughout every type of ship, from roll-on/roll-off passenger vessels (RoPax), luxury yachts, large cruise ships, smaller exploration and expedition cruise ships to ferries, large and small, through internet protocol (IP) hardware and software, particularly for public announcements and general alarms (PAGA).

A new agreement between Zenitel and Italy’s Powersoft S.p.A., well-known designers and manufacturers of high-end sound components for both installed and live applications for over a quarter century, will bring cost-savings to ship builders and ship owners.

Mezzo Amplifiers

Typically, when entertainment systems were considered for everything from private luxury yachts to cruise ships, separate systems were added to bring music to specific areas. Now with Powersoft’s Mezzo range of amplifiers, there is no need for parallel installations. Passengers and guests in lounges, bars and entertainment areas afloat want to enjoy their sound experience with the same dynamic audio frequency ranges they have come to expect ashore. They want their highs high and their lows low.

Cost Savings

The cost savings will come from not having to install two separate sound systems, decreasing the need for extra cabling and the number of speakers throughout the vessels. With Mezzo amplifiers, music or commentary can be provided for select areas of the any given ship, through local touch screen panels which control source and volume. Mezzo is a self-configuring amplifier system that delivers power and flexibility in a compact technology design. The amplifiers are simple to set up and can be monitored remotely, making them attractive to integrators seeking reduced installation times. If there is a need for emergency alarms or other announcements, Zenitel’s integrated systems simply over-ride the Mezzo amplifiers, but still operate through the same speakers.

The combination of Zenitel and Powersoft integrated solutions will be a boon to shipyards, ship builders and ship owners as they move into the new world of communications applied to both entertainment and emergency sound at sea.




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