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Zenitel, PSA Announce New Partnership

“While PSA owners and members have long been able to purchase Zenitel products in the PSA network, our new partnership will allow them another channel to purchase Zenitel products,” said Chris Salazar-Mangrum, PSA’s vice president of technology partners. “Our partnership with Zenitel is a major step in the convergence of technologies between the sound/audio and security industries.”

Zenitel intelligent communication solutions have been available to the PSA members and owners through other technology partner agreements and will continue to be available through those partners. Specifically adding Zenitel to the PSA network of Technology Partners increases the opportunity of the network to be exposed to the communication offerings for Zenitel’s intelligent communication systems. Their primary system offering is within IP public address, intercom and radio disciplines.

“The PSA/Zenitel partnership is a powerful combination for the security industry,” said Dan Rothrock, president of Zenitel Americas. “We are excited about this opportunity to expand our reach into an industry-leading buying group and to give them a personal look at our product portfolio that allows people to hear, be heard and be understood, in every situation.”

Zenitel believes that today’s security systems should involve video surveillance, access control and audio, to offer a well-rounded and responsive information management and security platform, all communicating with each other and providing actionable insight into risks and potential physical breaches. Audio is the new value hub of the connected enterprise. Simply put, a silent security system cannot be an effective security system.

For more information about Zenitel or other offerings from PSA’s trusted technology partners, visit:

About PSA

PSA is the world’s largest systems integrator consortium made up of the most progressive security and audio-visual systems integrators in North America. Combined, PSA members boasts over 500 branch locations, employ over 13,500 industry professionals and are responsible for over $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations.

PSA’s mission is to elevate the industries we serve by providing owners and members exceptional education, networking, services and connections with technology partners. PSA brings this mission to life by partnering with industry-leading product and solution providers, delivering unparalleled education and training programs and by offering a variety of distinctive services that can enhance any company’s operations. Learn more at

About the Zenitel Group

Zenitel is the leading provider of Intelligent critical communication solutions that allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, in every situation. Zenitel solutions are designed to cater safety & security needs of both onshore and offshore markets. Because communication is critical, Zenitel solutions are also great in integrating with other systems and solution in a seamless way. Learn more at

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