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CCTV Systems overview

Zenitel offers CCTV solutions for our maritime and energy customers that enables cost-effective, high quality area monitoring and video surveillance that enhance the safety and security of the crew, cargo and installation.

Our CCTV systems are available in different versions and offers a set of standard and optional features which covers the requirements for marine and energy system, such as IEC 60945 and approval by classification society. It can be delivered as a standalone system or as functional modules fully integrated into the ACM Advanced system. The system is scalable with options for combining IP CCTV and analog CCTV.


  • Standalone system or as integrated modules in e.g. Zenitels AlphaCom System
  • Flexible system - combining IP systems and analog cameras
  • Supporting H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 video compression for high image quality on lower bandwidth
  • All cameras from globally known brands
  • Standard IP cameras supporting PoE, PoE+
  • IP network infrastructure and Cost-effective solutions
  • Can easily be integrated with Infotainment and IP TV solutions
  • Onvif Profile S compliant cameras

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