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Zenitel creates state-of-the-art, fully integrated, and cost-effective Info & Entertainment Solutions. Our systems include IPTV, Coax TV, Background Music and Information Systems that enhances onboard efficiency and safety for crew and passengers. Our Info & Entertainment solutions are optimized for maritime and offshore environments with excellent reliability, wide range of functions and extreme space efficiency.

IPTV Features

Our IPTV system, with comprehensive functionality in a highly HW-efficient setup, is ideal for marine vessels. Based on forefront technology, the system is easy to set up and configure and provides customized interactive solutions in addition to traditional TV channels. The IPTV technology enables broadcast television via IP networks with HD video and multi-channel audio.
The IP protocol enables two-way connections between the head-end and set-top boxes. Because of that, users can enjoy interactive TV and other media features unavailable to conventional TVsubscribers.

Crystal Clear Hi-Fi Audio for Music and Entertainment

Ensure excellent sound clarity and system reliability for a various range of passenger ferries, spanning from the smaller inland ferries to super yachts or large cruise vessels. We create state-of-the-art background audio and information systems to fit different installations, such as restaurants, cabins, conference rooms, bars, TV-room, or guiding systems.

Zenitel offers one of the most cost-effective solutions where we use the same cabling and speakers as used with our high-quality PAGA system and adding Hi-Fi sound quality through our newly added Mezzo range of amplifiers and accessories.

Featured products


10.1" IP Radio w/touchscreen for IPTV system