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Maritime & Energy Intercom & PABX Solutions

Intercom and PABX systems built to meet marine specifications

Zenitels solutions for intercom and PABX systems ensure effective operations and crew safety. With our reliable and easy-to-use marine-approved solutions, you can get a fully integrated platform with Intercom, Talk-Back, Public Address and General Alarm products seamlessly working together.
We create state-of-the-art solutions based on our advanced ICX AlphaCom platform. 


As a proven expert in building maritime intercom management systems, Zenitel creates solutions specially designed to be used onboard and customized for vessels of all types and sizes. We offer:

  • modular platform that supports IP networking as well as advanced audio processing technologies;
  • excellent flexibility and scalability for all types of vessels, including innovative modern ships;
  • outstanding integration options and support of a wide set of devices: IP and analog telephones, IP DECT, and wireless handsets;
  • system redundancy and extensive set of features for reliable communication, including web services, remote control, and IP switching;
  • an approved solution designed to meet the stringent maritime rules and requirements


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