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Voice Activity Detection

Voice Activity Detection

Voice Activity Detection samples the audio level from the microphone located in the IP Station. If the sampled amplitude is continuously above a trigger level for a set duration an alarm or an action can be triggered.

Practical Usage

Voice Activity Detection is a feature suitable for many different environments.

  • Trespassing - Alert security guards by monitoring the surrounding security fence.
  • Door entrance - Automatically play a welcome message.
  • Camera - Trigger and tilt a camera to a specific area by monitoring surronding noise level.


By configuring some parameters in the IP-station web interface it is possible to set up the operation to exactly suit the environment in which it is located:

  • Minimum amplitude (dBA) - Choose the trigger amplitude
  • Minimum duration of audio (ms) - Choose for how long the sampled amplitude must be above the “Trigger ampltiude” before triggering an alarm or action
  • Alarm or action to activate - The station simulates pressing a so called Direct Access Key, the actual action to be taken is programmed in the AlphaCom audio server
  • VAD status - Choose whether to enable or disable VAD.