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Connect to multiple devices—such as audio, PTT, and sensors—and enjoy the freedom of using the radio without being wired to it.
A full portfolio of Bluetooth headsets and earpieces is available.

For example, pair a portable radio with a wireless PTT button that can be activated without having to reach for the radio. Then, hide the radio in a backpack or underneath clothing for covert operations. 

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SMART1 Handset with DECT, Wifi, Android


Item number: 2211100521

Android based DECT Smartphone with WiFi.



Item number: 1490003010

Powerful Desktop Video Phone with 7” Touch Screen & Real-Time HD Video Telephony


i63 VoWiFi

i63 Talker

Item number: 2211100255

WiFi Handset, IP44

D81 Handset

D81 Messenger

Item number: 2211100150

Dect handset 

i63 VoWiFi

i63 Messenger

Item number: 2211100256

WiFi Handset with advanced messaging, IP44



Item number: 1490002010

Powerful Desktop Video Phone with 5” capacitive touch screen and support for 720p HD video.