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Introducing Turbine Mini Intercom with Video

Are you looking for an all-weather, security solution that blends into its surroundings?  Meet our new Turbine Mini TMIV-1+ with exceptional video and unrivaled high-quality audio!

Zenitel’s Turbine Mini with Video combines the video and audio technology of our Turbine Series into a low-profile design that controls door and access, day and night, and can blend into any environment.

The new solution is UV-resistant, with a robust-die-cast aluminum frame can be used in rain or sunshine, and in extreme cold and warm weather temperatures. The new TMIV-1+ also allows for seamless integration with other security systems, such as video management solutions.

Key features and benefits

Outstanding video

The Mini TurbineTMIV-1+ packs crystal-clear HD video technology that allows users to identify and communicate effectively with individuals at a front door.  

Crystal Clear Audio

Turbine Mini Audio

Like all IP stations in Zenitel’s Turbine series, the Turbine Mini utilizes Zenitel’s audio technology to create unparalleled audio quality. With noise cancelling capabilities, the sound is crystal clear.  

All Weather Solution


The all-weather capability of the TMVI-1+ makes it a perfect solution for all types of environments, while its low-profile design allows it to blend into any situation, if necessary.  


Thanks to ONVIF compatible software it's easy  to integrate and map Zenitel TMIV-1+ with other security systems.

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TMIV-1+: small in size while providing exceptional video and high-definition video

  • Powerful audio technology, including high sound pressure, automatic volume gain control, and active noise echo canceling
  • HD video up to 1080p resolution
  • Wide-angle lens
  • ONVIF Conformant
  • Background noise cancellation
  • Robust, die-cast aluminum frame
  • Supports wide set of IP and networking standards
  • White thermoplastic front plate with one button
  • Ideal for buildings, universities, K12, hospitals, and more

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Meet the Turbine Mini Series 

In addition to the TMIV-1+ the Zenitel Turbine Mini series include several intercoms that are designed for smaller facilities and are used as a communication, information, or emergency device.

Turbine Mini Intercom devices connects directly to the IP network, making it easy to deploy anywhere and at any distance.  Like all IP stations in the Zenitel Turbine series, the Turbine Mini IP Substation utilize the latest technology to create unparalleled audio quality.



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Turbine Mini Intercom


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Turbine Mini Intercom 


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Turbine Mini Intercom - 2 Buttons


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IP & SIP Video Intercom