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Multi-purpose IP Intercom module

Meet the single device
that does it all

Zenitel Multi-Purpose IP Intercom Module

Unifying Possibilities

An all-in-one, integrated multipurpose IP Intercom module to cater all your communication, surveillance, and security needs so that you can listen, hear, and see beyond the surface.

The ZMK-1 has an innate interoperability with third-party devices via standard interfaces and connectors, making it an ideal choice for your personalized door entry communication solutions. It offers a number of simple connection options for audio and video devices, display devices such as touch displays, and access control.

Grow your business with a fully customizable system

Adaptive UI for project specific cusomizations

Cost-effective solutions that save time

High interoperability: Easily connect third-party devices

Discover how the Multi-Purpose IP Intercom module does it all

Multi-purpose IP Intercom module
    • Reduced development cost with open standard connectors and interfaces such as USB, HDMI, and dry contacts
    • Flexible connectivity with 3rd party accessories that fit your price point
    • Customization option with future proof UI/UX from Zenitel
    • Build tailored door entry help points and information terminals powered by Zenitel technology
    • Expand capabilities by connecting 3rd party devices such as touchscreen, keypad, camera, and microphone 
    • Crystal-clear sound with up to 20 kHz speech quality

    • Up to 15W audio output power
    • Dual Ethernet ports PoE++
    • Power redundancy with DC power input
    • 3 x USB-C Ports
    • HDMI Display Output
    • Speaker/Microphone connectivity
    • 2x Audio Line input/ Output
    • 2x GPIO
    • 1x Relay Output
    • SIP and ONVIF support

Unifying possibilities to help you achieve:

Perceptive Growth beyond Imagination

Now you have the freedom to fully customize and personalize your door entry, with the power to grow your business and listen, talk, and see beyond the surface.

Custom-made touch

Connect to displays and personalize the interface

Discerning Adaptability
Through a Flexible Design

Fully grasp the opportunity to customize your user interface according to your customer's needs so that you can listen, talk, and hear beyond the surface.

Customizable design that lets you change the theme and branding according to your customer's needs

Innate Interoperability
With Third-Party Devices

Explore personalized convenience to connect to third-party devices and systems for effective project completion so that you can listen, talk, and hear beyond the surface.

Open standard connectors and interfaces like as USB, HDMI, and dry contacts

Instinctive Efficiency
Leads to Cost and Time Savings

Save time and money with the most advanced multipurpose kit that lets you customize, connect to third-party devices with minimum effort so you can listen, talk, and hear beyond the surface.

Standard hardware and software interfaces that are time and cost- efficient

Connect to displays and personalize the interface

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