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3M and Zenitel: A safe choice for critical communication

Now Hear This: Clear Communication is Critical

In the U.S., the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) has “identified audio quality as a critical requirement,” noting that first responders have “an immediate and sometimes life-and-death need to understand exactly what is being communicated during an emergency.” The same is true for operators who require clear critical communication in challenging environments.

Whether in an engine room in the middle of the Pacific, on a drill floor offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, in a busy factory in Northern Europe or in a clean room anywhere in the world, your people must be able to talk to and understand each other. Zenitel delivers solutions that combine unbeatable clarity with amazing ease of use in any environment, ensuring your people can be productive, as well as safe.

World leaders in critical communication

When it comes to critical voice communications, technology contributes to saving lives – and Zenitel and 3M PELTOR are both world leaders. 3M PELTOR accessories are a great fit for Zenitel’s “high definition audio”, delivering a broader range of audio frequencies than conventional telephone systems. Together, their acoustic echo cancellation, adaptive noise reduction and other proprietary technologies mean enhanced intelligibility and, therefore, quicker, easier and better comprehension.

Zenitel’s intelligent communication solutions also deliver great value with scalability, defensibility and robustness built in. With a global network of sales and support offices and partners, Zenitel has a reputation for delivering hard-working products and quality audio, with a commitment to security for mission-critical systems. The competitively priced 3M PELTOR range of headsets and accessories has a similarly strong reputation and can regularly be found in challenging environments, worldwide. These lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to use communication essentials provide class-leading technology.

3M PELTOR is a perfect fit with Zenitel’s intelligent communication solutions, with their seamless integration delivering crystal-clear audio in any environment. Where communication is critical, Zenitel with 3M PELTOR is a safe choice.

To learn more, contact us at sales[at]zenitel[dot]com.

See 3M PELTOR and Zenitel in action in the following video:

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