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5 reasons to install CCTV systems on board your vessel

Video Surveillance and area monitoring solutions have become essential in ensuring marine vessels’ safety and security. With reliable and robust CCTV systems on board, crews can monitor key areas of the ship, detect potential hazards, and effectively respond to emergencies. Let’s take a closer look at the five paramount reasons to install Maritime CCTV solutions and the most important factors to consider when choosing the right system.

Marine approved CCTV cameras onboard vessel

The full view throughout your vessel

Explore the benefits of a CCTV system on board your cargo vessel, cruise liner, modern autonomous vessel or any other ship.

1. Enhance passenger and crew safety and security

CCTV solutions provide high-quality real-time video monitoring throughout the vessel. They allow the crew to detect potential hazards and emergencies, such as fire, leak or man overboard, more quickly and respond effectively.

2. Improve operational efficiency

Real-time monitoring helps identify potential maintenance issues and address them before they become major problems. With the excellent interoperability of our solutions, we can seamlessly integrate CCTV into a single system with other critical security solutions on board, including PAGA, Intercom Systems and alarm generators. The simple and intuitive system interface allows the crew to focus on everyday tasks and respond quickly in case of an emergency.

3. Accelerate incident investigation

Maritime CCTV solutions can help deter theft and vandalism, as well as provide evidence for quick accident or incident investigation.

4. Provide safe navigation

With real-time video insights about the vessel's surroundings, the crew can monitor the vessel’s navigation, including challenging close-quarters maneuvering or during berthing and unberthing operations. CCTV systems are essential for providing remote monitoring to ensure safe operations for unmanned ships and remote-controlled vessels.

5. Ensure safe cargo operations

Provide real-time monitoring of loading and unloading operations to enhance safety and ensure efficient operations.

What aspects to consider when choosing the right CCTV system

In order to ensure that video surveillance solutions are able to provide excellent performance in the harshest environments, check if they meet the following requirements:

  • Compliance with international and local rules and regulations. The IMO CCTV Guidelines cover different issues regarding the installation and use of CCTV systems, such as camera placement, recording procedures and access to recorded footage. That’s where Zenitel comes in with its solutions with maritime approval. Our CCTV systems meet all requirements for marine and energy systems, such as IEC 60945, and are approved by the classification society.
  • Ability to withstand maritime challenges. Our CCTV solutions remain fully operational in conditions of extreme temperatures, high humidity, shock and vibration. The products we use meet Ingress Protection, corrosion resistance and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.
  • Privacy protection. It’s paramount to ensure CCTV systems are used in a way that respects crew members' privacy. Cameras should not be placed in areas where crew members have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms or sleeping quarters.
  • Cyber security and access to the footage. Ensure that access to CCTV footage is restricted to authorized personnel only and provide data protection. This can help prevent unauthorized use or distribution of footage, as well as protect crew members' privacy.
  • Maintenance and testing. CCTV systems should be regularly maintained and tested to ensure that they are functioning properly and prevent equipment downtime or failure. It’s also important to set synchronization between the master clock on board and all camera clocks.

Cost-effective surveillance

Our engineers design custom CCTV systems tailored to your special needs. We create scalable and flexible solutions based on IP cameras supporting PoE, PoE+ from globally known brands. Modern IP CCTV and analog CCTV can be combined into a single system. And with our state-of-the-art Flowire technology, we can also offer cost-effective solutions by using one single-paired cable to distribute power and data. This is something that is very relevant for retrofitting when you still want to use analog systems in the new IP-configured solution.