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Driver using Turbine IP Intercom at parking gate

Turbine IP Intercom delivers clear audio for Titan Segurança

Titan Segurança is a small security company in Brazil. Their Virtual Entrance system shown here includes a vandal-resistant Turbine TCIS-2 IP Intercom at the gate, which calls a Titan central control room in another location. The clear audio allows the concierge to check the visitor’s access rights and permit entry.

Thanks to Turbine, the communication is crystal-clear on both sides of the conversation, facilitating an efficient transaction – Titan can maintain building security, and the visitor is able to proceed to the parking area quickly.

See and hear the clear audio difference

Remote entry systems need loud, clear audio, with effective noise cancellation, to work effectively. Listen to the clear audio received by a security guard in the control room from a Turbine IP Intercom Station next to a bus stop.

Segment: Building Security, Transportation, Parking
Location: Brazil, Global

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