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See Clearly Day and Night with our WDR IR Dark Fighter Camera

When it comes to maritime security, seeing clearly in all conditions is non-negotiable. Meet the iDS-2CD7A26G0-IZHSY WDR IR Varifocal Bullet Network Camera, a compact, cost-effective visual guardian for marine vessels.

iDS-2CD7A26G0-IZHSY WDR IR News Image

The camera is equipped with industry-leading 140 dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology. This means it thrives in challenging lighting conditions, delivering crystal-clear imaging even against strong backlights. You can trust it to capture every detail, ensuring your vessel's safety.

Day/Night Functionality

With a built-in IR (Infra-Red) cut filter and powerful IR LEDs that provide an effective range of up to 50 meters, this camera seamlessly transitions from day to night. You'll never miss a thing, whether it's under the sun or in the darkest hours.

Low-Light Performance

Don't compromise on low-light performance. The iDS-2CD7A26G0-IZHSY camera features DarkFighter technology, ensuring excellent low-light performance. Its 2MP CMOS sensor and varifocal lens guarantee high-quality visuals, even when the sun dips below the horizon.

Visual Key Identifiers

  • 2MP high quality resolution for sharp, detailed imagery.
  • IP67 weather resistance rating for durability against water and dust.
  • IK10 impact resistance rating to handle tough conditions.
  • H.265+ compression technology for efficient bandwidth and storage usage.
  • Five streaming options for versatile applications.
With an extensive CCTV portfolio we deliver WDR IR Dark Fighter Camera and many other sorts of cameras for use in the maritime and offshore markets

In the maritime world, where safety and security are vital, this WDR DarkFighter camera stands out as an excellent choice. Its WDR, day/night functionality, low-light performance, and rugged design make it the ideal visual sentinel for marine vessels. See clearly, anytime, anywhere, and protect what matters most.

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