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Better Together: Zenitel and AMAG Technology

In a previous blog post, we discussed the power of product integrations.

When people work together for a common goal, often, things can be achieved for a greater good. Working together can mean the difference between significant change and more opportunities, versus standing alone and not making forward progress.

The same can be said for security products and solutions that together, can allow security teams to mitigate risk better and faster than before.

The integration between the AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Access Control and Zenitel Audio Communication solutions results in an intelligent and integrated access control and communications system that reduces risk and increases resilience across the enterprise.

Key integration features include:

  •    Identify visitors
  •    Staff to staff communication
  •    Wide area notification
  •    Pre‑recorded calls and voice warnings
  •    Incoming intercom calls used as alarms
  •    Supervision and Audit Trail
  •    Integration to other security systems

Learn more about the product integration here.



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