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IP-based PAGA system in offshore markets - because efficiency counts

A Public Address & General Alarm - PAGA system, integrates broadcasting with emergency communication and alarms, enabling fast, safe, and efficient communication with the crew and passengers onboard marine vessels or offshore energy installations.

The EXIGO PAGA system mounted in rack ready for delivery to offshore oil & gas platform

PAGA solutions typically include:

  • central equipment that includes controllers, amplifiers and network switches;
  • field equipment, including beacons, outdoor and indoor speakers, and access panels – all designed for the harsh offshore environment.

 Modern IP-based systems can be smoothly combined into a single communication system with other products, such as PABX, Radios, CCTV, and emergency systems such as Fire &Gas alarms. The Public Address & General Alarm connects critical onboard communication and alarms, providing the crew with fast and safe access to critical information, as well as enabling broadcasting relevant and important information to passengers, when needed.

Exigo PAGA system built for maritime and offshore applications

The EXIGO PAGA system is state-of-the-art IP-based Public Address & General Alarm system, designed to meet the requirements for maritime and energy segment. Whether it is a cargo or passenger vessel, offshore wind, oil & gas or renewable energy market, the EXIGO PAGA system is always a great fit. With a wide area of possible applications, it is paramount to have a safe operating system along with surveillance and monitoring options, retaining extremely high availability and redundancy. The Exigo PAGA system has this all.

The system supports full redundancy to secure broadcasting and alarm notifications are always available when needed. Additionally, the system supports several monitoring options and ensures interconnection with a remote control and diagnostics option.
Controllers, CCTV and IPTV systems, network amplifiers, line-end transponders, access panels, equipment for non-Ex and Ex-area installations – all of those mentioned above contribute to efficiency of remote connections and control of such critical systems.

Explore the benefits of IP-based PAGA

EXIGO PAGA system provides you with:

  • full remote monitoring and control of all components;
  • high level of redundancy, flexibility and scalability;
  • smooth integration with a wide range of communication systems from different vendors;
  • distribution of system and units.

An IP Public Address System allows you to integrate other communication systems into your PA, using industry accepted standards (like SIP, SNMP, Syslog), and configure back-up amplifiers to guarantee redundant functionality for controllers, amplifiers and access panels. IP-based PAGA is a flexible, scalable and programmable system with easy configuration via Exigo Management Tool.

The EXIGO PAGA system is designed in full compliance with all the relevant standards and meets safety regulations. It has been approved by several Notified Bodies like DNV, ABS, Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas and others. The system also has the ATEX approvals for certain Ex-rated equipment as only ATEX approved communication can be applied for onshore plants and terminals.

Complete IP-based PAGA system overview is based on fiber optic connections, internal LAN network, remote connections from 4G/5G connection and VSAT with SNMP data distribution. With less physical wiring, ability to create specialized zoning, seamless operation in a 360° security solution, integration with other critical communication systems, EXIGO IP PAGA is a bridge between the past and the future of offshore and onshore controlled environments.

Benefits of Retrofit from analogue to IP PAGA system

With the benefits that the IP-based PAGA system provides, we have seen a movement toward adopting our IP-based Exigo system. For example, older installations both in the maritime and offshore energy segment have started to seek a replacement of their analog systems with a network-based one. The Exigo PAGA system allows for reusing existing cabinets and existing wiring when we use it together with our Flowire Technology. This is a huge cost saver, and it makes the Zenitel solution one of the most flexible in the market.  
New projects across the industry that we’ve supported are also opting for network-based systems, in order to build an integrated telecommunication ecosystem onboard.

IP-based vs Analogue PAGA systems

OptionsAnalog systemsIP-based systems
Integration optionsWith limited range of productsWith a wide range of products and the ability to create a single communication system
ZoningSeverely restricted by a physical infrastructureHighly scalable, configurable and flexible, enable multiple zones creation
Equipment costsLowerHigher
ReachWired to the central amplifierAnywhere across the network
Remote monitoringNOYES
Distributed PAGA systemNOYES