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Marine IPTV from Zenitel is flexible, scalable and cost effective.

Marine IPTV screens - you’ve seen them around, undoubtedly

They have become a common enough sight today, yet until the late 1990s it was not thought possible that this kind of broadcasting could be squeezed into the limited bandwidth of a copper telephone cable to provide a video-on-demand (VOD). Quite a lot has happened since then.

What is Marine IPTV and why is it essential?

As radio and telephone communication has advanced, becoming ever more digital in nature as the progress of chips and bandwidth development, we have also gotten accustomed to seeing and interacting with digital tools in every aspect of our work and daily life. Most people today subscribe to some form of streaming content daily - both for entertainment and valuable things like learning and problem-solving.

Similarly, IPTV offers personal comfort and saves on administrative expenses. The video streaming service gives access to regular TV and streaming channels and interactive services developed exclusively for the industry or the shipping company itself. There are no limits regarding what kind of content (text, video, audio, mix, etc.) can be offered - the opportunities are endless.

How they work is also easy to explain: Marine IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a video distribution system that allows information transmission across multiple sources. The technology delivers televised content through any network using the same protocols as regular internet traffic.

As Zenitel has over 70 years of experience delivering integrated, type-approved, and certified systems across all areas of communication, we have gained the reputation as a supplier of the most flexible, reliable, and advanced methods available.

Adaptation in the market

One could argue that the marine world, in general, has been slow in many arenas to adapt IPTV solutions, not taking into account certain ferry services and cruise lines with a high focus on passenger demands and information needs. Another exception is the essential, albeit narrow, use of Marine IPTV for external safety, for instance, monitoring cargo areas or against piracy attempts.

However, despite some overlap, one should not confuse IPTV with CCTV systems. They bear some resemblance, but they serve different purposes. And before you ask: yes, of course, Zenitel also offers world-class CCTV solutions.

What are the strengths of employing IPTV?

The importance of having an IPTV system is not only to give the crew and passengers comforts of leisure but to provide valuable services like broadcasting announcements, educating the crew, and informing on adequate safety procedures in case of actual emergencies. Our marine IPTV system can easily integrate alarms and messaging services for early notification and directions.

Zenitel’ s IPTV solutions provides comprehensive entertainment and communication capabilities in a single platform that can be accessed over multiple screens throughout the vessel or fleet. It is based on forefront technology, and highly HW-efficient, ideal for marine vessels.
The system can be tailored to any use case, with HD video and multi-channel audio. Responding upon request, data is required for any single or group of devices from an internal or external source of information and content.
Marine IPTV also enables two-way connections between head-end and set-top boxes.

We’ve got your back

Don’t be alarmed if Marine IPTV might seem complicated at first glance: that is precisely why our expertise is here to get you started and help you customize your information and infotainment solutions according to your needs for today and tomorrow.

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