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Meet our Team: Sylvie Hagege

What is your background?
Sylvie Hagege: In June, I will celebrate  20 years with Zenitel, so marketing within the Maritime and the Security industry within international companies is more or less my background, although I spent a few years frolicking in customer service support for a few years. But the core of what I have been doing all these years is being close to our “customers”. These past 20 years have given me the opportunity to explore different areas such as product, field and corporate marketing positions always including client-facing activities. (I organized the first Zenitel webinar, the first Zenitel e-learning module) I've enjoyed being a part of many different teams (local, multi cultural..) always including exceptional profesionals and great personalities.

What do you enjoy about your role?
Sylvie Hagege: What I enjoy most about my role in EMEA Marketing is the variety of our audience/partners (from direct buyers  to technology partners) as well as sales and press.

How has the security industry changed since you began at Zenitel?
Sylvie Hagege: As mentioned, I have been working for Zenitel for 20 years, which means I have witnessed and accompanied many technology changes, such as IP and SIP, and recently, what we call Intelligent communication. The digital transformation is the most impactful change that I have experienced as a technology company employee and also as a marketer.

What is the favorite marketing project that you have worked on to date?
Sylvie Hagege: There are so many, and of course, my favorite is always the last one: setting up marketing activities and supporting our new centers of excellence structure in the EMEA region.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to work in a marketing role?
Sylvie Hagege: First and foremost, enjoy what you do and the people who you do it with! Be curious! Always listen to the customers and the market players to set up your opinion. And always keep an eye on the technology to be up-to-date.

What has most excited you about the work that Zenitel does and the communications solutions that it produces?
Sylvie Hagege: I am always impressed about the technology speed of change and the way that Zenitel is always at the forefront. But what I have experienced many times is how crucial is communication in all different segments of the markets as at each end of a communication, there is a person with a request for help. I have a few examples, such as in healthcare, kids safely stuck in “white” rooms and having an intercom as the only way to communicate with their parents/family behind a glass window; a nuclear plant where safety of employees is often linked to clear & intelligible voice broadcast out in loudspeakers. Intercom is so much more than James Bond’s “Money Penny” conversational tool: it can save lives.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Sylvie Hagege: These days it is a bit challenging as I really like to travel, going out to theatre and opera or museum. Therefore, I am very excited in the next few days to be sitting at the terrace of a café and to sip a glass of white wine together with friends: in short, I am very much looking to go back to a more "social life".



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