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Zenitel's Turbine Mini with Video

Meet our Turbine Mini with Video

Yet, sometimes bigger isn’t always better. And sometimes bigger and better don’t go together. Good things can come in smaller packages. And they can be better.

That’s the case with our new Turbine Mini with Video (TMIV-1+). We made it smaller, and we made it better.

The new Turbine Mini Intercom with Video has a low-profile design (117 x 117 x 43.5 mm; 4.61 x 4.61 x 1.71 in.) that allows it to easily blend into any environment, if necessary.

Beyond that, this new intercom can be used in all door and access control situations. It connects directly to an IP network, making it easy to deploy anywhere and at any distance.

With a wide-angle lens, the TMIV-1+ provides video surveillance, two-way communications, and remote-entry control, day or night. And as is the case with all Zenitel intercom solutions, the TMIV-1+ includes unrivaled powerful audio, such as automatic gain control, HD voice, active noise cancelling, and more, giving users crystal-clear audio.

The new TMIV-1+ is UV-resistant, with a robust-die-cast aluminum frame can be used in rain or sunshine, and in extreme cold and warm weather temperatures.

It’s also ONVIF certified, which means that it can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems, such as video management solutions.

Meet our new Turbine Mini with Video (TMIV-1+). Learn more here.


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