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C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management by Software House

Our Solutions now Certified by Software House

The enterprise communication server, AlphaCom, integrates with the C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management platform (Software House) providing the customer’s security team an integrated platform for access control and critical communications. With both ears and a voice, security teams can optimize their processes and their actionable response to incidents as well as explore unmanned entry points such as our HD Video IP Intercom.

Easy integration between Vingtor-Stentofon and Software House

Operators of the C•CURE 9000 system can easily place and answer calls, view status, and both command and control intercom stations through their C•CURE 9000 user interface. Call events of the AlphaCom system are recorded in C•CURE 9000’s database and visually shown in their Event Monitoring Station. This functionality allows for security teams to integrate all their systems and quickly associate both access control, audio, and video events for all their security reporting needs.

“Our commitment to be the leader in implementing the scorecard for critical communications is reinforced through our relationship with one of the leaders in physical access control”, said Jim Hoffpauir, President of Zenitel USA. “Software House solutions are installed in over 5,500 facilities world-wide and over 170 Fortune 500 companies. By adding one of the best solutions in IP Audio solutions, they have reinforced their leadership position.”

Software House certified the Zenitel AlphaCom solution through their Connected Partner Program which can now be delivered through the certified dealer program by Zenitel.

“We consider Software House a integration partner of Zenitel”, said Dan Rothrock, VP of Strategic Alliances. “We will be providing support through our Regional Sales Leaders to their channel to ensure the scorecard for critical communications is understood and validated by their clients.”

“We have the best value proposition in the industry because we, alone, can meet the standard of performance needed by risk, resilience and security professionals”, said Peter Sandin, VP of Sales for Zenitel. “The scorecard of intelligibility, interoperability and the key ‘ilities’ needed by any mission critical IT solution; availability, reliability, scalability, maintainability and defensibility will create competitive advantage for all Software House dealers.”

C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management by Software House

For more information about AlphaCom please visit our product page. You can also read a detailed document about the integration.