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Our proud heritage featured in a historical news article

Stentor.pictureThe reason for the story is that Norway is the first country in the world to switch off FM radio and move to full digital (DAB9) radio. 

The switch over starts today and throughout 2017 the FM network will slowly be switched off. 

The Norwegian government has stated that by changing to digital it will save £19 million per year. It will also give them the opportunity to expand the number of radio stations from five National FM stations, to around 40 DAB stations.

From Stentor to Stentofon to Vingtor-Stentofon

As the history of Vingtor-Stentofon is strongly tied to Horten and Trondheim (Norway) respectively, we are mentioned in the article.

The paper,, mentions how we first started producing car radios under the name Stentor, while the main focus was on ships radios for the growing Norwegian fish fleet.

After some years we started to produce well-known and respected telephone systems under the name Stentofon. The paper finishes our story by noting that we now produce our products under the name Vingtor-Stentofon. We have come a long way the last 70 years, you can find an overview of our innovative products here. 

Read more about our proud 70 years history of innovation here

If you are interested in reading more about the history of radio in Trondheim, you can find the full article here.
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