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Updates re: COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 has had and will likely continue to have an impact on lives, families, communities, and companies in countries around the world. And it is imperative that we all take whatever measures possible to limit the spread of the virus both locally and globally.

At Zenitel, we are people first. Above all else, we are committed to protecting our employees, our partners, and our customers during this time of crisis. As the international response to COVID-19 develops, we know that organizations face significant challenges.

These challenges require rapid responses, and another important task for us is to ensure our customers are as uninterrupted as possible in their efforts to provide communities and businesses with their services throughout this pandemic.

Zenitel is a company with operational headquarters in Norway. And we have operational offices around the globe. We are following the advice and regulations of both local and international government and health organizations to try to limit the effects of COVID-19.

In order to comply with the advice of these organizations, Zenitel has reduced staff on-site at our offices and headquarters to only those whose job functions demand a physical presence. We have also moved meetings and service visits to remote communication platforms wherever possible. In situations that require the physical presence of employees, we are implementing a strict set of infection control guidelines.

Mitigating COVID-19's Impact on Operations

We are doing everything possible to limit inconvenience to our partners and customers while maintaining our primary focus on health and safety during this ongoing crisis. We are monitoring government and health organization communications, and we will update our website immediately should any changes to our policies, practices, or procedures result from new or existing regulations.

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, visit the World Health Organization's website.

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