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Zenitel delivers communications upgrade to Vaasa Central Hospital

The Vingtor-Stentofon equipment is installed not only to meet increased current demands, but also to fulfill future demands and to be a cost-effective communication system for the whole hospital area

Communications upgrade details

We have delivered the following equipment:

A-house incudes:
XE20, 126 lines analog PA-system with 1000 analog speakers and IP-speaker system with 100 speakers integrated with 15 Turbine door phones (both with and without camera) and 30 IP-phones
• Above mentioned XE20 system integrated to U-House Exigo

U-house incudes:
• 6 zone Exigo EN54 system with 286 pcs EN54 speakers, 3 call stations
• Turbine door phones with camera is integrated over IP to XE20 on A-House

Development of the hospital area continues, and Zenitel will deliver more equipment to the hospital as work progresses.

Segment: Building Security, Healthcare