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Vingtor-Stentofon Release: Software Development Kit

The Vingtor-Stentofon Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy for 3rd party developers to make value added applications for integration with the AlphaCom E system.

The SDK is based on Microsoft .NET technology. This gives the 3rd party developer access to a wide set of software components as well as an extensive Microsoft.NET development environment and tool set.

Some examples of applications which are possible to make using the SDK:

  • Integrated control room panel on a touch-screen for public address, radio and intercom
  • Interactive intercom icons on a map with ability to call, broadcast public address, and listen in
  • Integration with video analytics to provide voice response if someone is trespassing
  • Integration with CCTV, where a camera is switched on Voice Activity Detection
  • PC based Call Handler with grafical user interface for control rooms and guards

Visit our integrations page for more information.

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